Woman Marries River Avon Despite Filthy Reputation

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Woman Married River Avon

Meghan Trump
Photos: David Griffiths

In an unconventional yet daring move, Meghan Trump, a self-proclaimed water enthusiast, has recently tied the knot with the infamous River Avon.

Despite the river’s less-than-impressive reputation for being polluted with human waste, Meghan remains steadfast in her love for swimming. She is determined to raise awareness about the importance of clean water.


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    Interview | Meghan Trump Ginger and Nuts

Wild Swimmer Meghan Trump Makes a Splash

Chatting with Ginger and Nuts on their radio show, Meghan revealed her deep-rooted connection with water. “I’ve always loved swimming in the river,” she said, pointing out that with family residing in Scotland and Wales, there are plenty of places with pristine waters to enjoy. Trump fondly reminisced about her student days in Brighton, where she indulged in daily swims in the refreshing sea.

Upon returning to Bristol, Trump initially feared she would struggle to find a suitable swimming spot. However, to her delight, she stumbled upon Beazey’s, a hidden gem in East Bristol. Located on the outskirts of the Conham River Park, Beazey’s proved to be a lovely spot frequented by dedicated wild swimmers known as the Conham Bathers.

The Conham Bathers have passionately campaigned for years, engaging in citizen science initiatives that monitor the river’s water quality. Trump noted that although the water quality is not optimal and can vary due to occasional sewage spills by Wessex Water during storms and floods, the more recent revelations of dry spills have further raised concerns.

Meghan and her supporters launched a campaign focused on celebrating – not only raising awareness. “Everyone loves a wedding,” she cheekily proclaimed.

Meghan Trump

Meghan Weds a River: A Symbolic Ceremony that Leaves Attendees Deeply Moved

Meghan responded with her wit when queried about her decision to wed a river. “You cannot legally marry something that is not a human,” she quipped. However, with the assistance of a trained funeral celebrant, Meghan ensured that the ceremony held all the symbolic elements of a traditional human-to-human wedding.

A touch of humour harmonised with a hint of melancholy as the celebrant acknowledged the union and the loss suffered by the river due to pollution. It was a day filled with emotions that even the most sceptical of attendees found themselves deeply moved by.

When asked if she planned on changing her name to reflect her newfound marital status, Meghan slyly remarked, “I couldn’t be bothered changing my name because it’s expensive and long, but I am Meghan Trump. It didn’t even feel like that much of a sacrifice.”

Meghan clarified that her intention was not to create a grand spectacle but rather to have meaningful discussions and make a lasting impact. She shared anecdotes of her wedding day, where only 50 guests attended, but each one left with a newfound appreciation for the cause. Meghan’s bold move inspired family members, friends, and even co-workers; some even took up the torch to spread the message further.

From whispers down the bingo hall to mates at the pub and even discussions in the hallowed halls of the workplace, Meghan’s river wedding has undeniably left an impression.”

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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