COMPETITION! WIN ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ Complete Collection on DVD

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COMPETITION! WIN ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ Complete Collection on DVD

Win Jamie and the Magic Torch on DVD
Fabulous Films and Ginger and Nuts have announced an irresistible chance for fans to win the complete collection of ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ on DVD!

Scheduled for release on March 18, 2024, the much-anticipated DVD edition will be available for £39.99, showcasing all 39 enchanting episodes, totalling over 432 minutes of magical escapades!

Step into the Whimsical World of ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’

Every night, as Jamie’s mum bids him a good night’s sleep, our mischievous protagonist embarks on extraordinary adventures with his trusty companion, Wordsworth, using his magical torch to journey down a helter-skelter into the fantastical realm of Cuckoo Land.

A Nostalgic Journey Through Time

Originally aired from 1976 to 1979, ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ was a cherished creation of the esteemed Cosgrove Hall animation studios in Manchester. The series, known for its captivating narratives and lovable characters, was a gem among classics like Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, and The Wind in the Willows.

Behind the Scenes Magic

Narrator Brian Truman, who penned the series, brought his versatile talents to life in the world of ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch.’ With a storied career from acting to documentary production, Truman’s creative genius shines through in every episode, making the show a timeless favourite.

Synopsis: An Adventure Like No Other

Join Jamie and Wordsworth on their thrilling escapades in Cuckoo Land, encountering quirky characters such as Mr. Boo, Jo-Jo, Nutmeg, Officer Gotcha, Strumpers Plunkett, Bulli Bundy, and Wellibob. With Jamie’s magical torch lighting the way, each episode promises excitement, laughter, and heartwarming moments that will captivate audiences of all ages.

Don’t miss out on the chance to relive the magic of ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ with this exclusive DVD collection. Prepare to be whisked away on an unforgettable journey where imagination knows no bounds!


The lucky winners were Matthew Arands in Liverpool and Tracey Sedgley in Coventry. Congratulations!

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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