Trouble Version 2 And Dave Brooker’s Turkey-Rific Bond

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Unlikely Pair Creates Tur-key-Rific Adventures of Comfort and Cuisine

Trouble Version 2 And Dave Brooker
Trouble Version 2 And Dave Brooker

In a heartwarming story, Dave Brooker has forged an extraordinary connection with his pet turkey, Trouble Version 2, affectionately known as T2. This dynamic duo has become inseparable, embarking on exciting adventures that have captivated the locals. Their friendship has left everyone gobbling for more, from their unusual beginnings to their daily escapades.

It all began when Dave, a poultry aficionado, decided to expand his feathered family. He already had four turkeys named Hubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble. With their spooky names, they became the talk of the town during Halloween.

However, it was Trouble who stood out from the flock. Sitting on a clutch of 12 eggs, Trouble was a diligent mother-in-training. Fate had other plans, though, as the notorious English weather wreaked havoc, turning a summer’s end into a frigid and rainy ordeal.

As the elements unleashed their tempestuous fury, two of Trouble’s eggs hatched prematurely, leaving the vulnerable chicks without a fighting chance. Despite this setback, Dave hatched a plan of his own to ensure the survival of the remaining eggs. He set up a cosy brooder with a comforting heat lamp to nurture the chicks’ fragile existence.

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Bold Chick Named Trouble Two Defies Fate

Dave Brooker in the car with his pet turkey T2 in Kent – SWN
Dave Brooker in the car with his pet turkey T2 in Kent – SWN

A feisty little chick known as Trouble Two, or T2, emerged as the firstborn in a twist of fate. This determined little one spent her early hours under Dave’s attentive care, providing a safe haven and sustenance. Their bond grew exponentially as Dave valiantly saved the other ten eggs from a similar fate.

However, T2’s independent nature came to light as she dodged the cosy embrace of her mother, preferring Dave’s companionship instead. With a heart filled with compassion, Dave knew he couldn’t turn his back on the pint-sized troublemaker. And thus, their extraordinary journey began.

The depth of their friendship is nothing short of remarkable. Dave likens his connection with T2 to that of a parent and child, cherishing the role of protector and caregiver. While T2 always had the freedom to roam, her unwavering loyalty keeps her by Dave’s side.

From sunrise to sunset, this dynamic duo embraces life together, causing a stir in the community. Whether they’re frolicking in the meadows or strolling down the lanes, Dave and T2 are a sight to behold. Their undeniable bond breaks barriers and reminds us of the underestimated intelligence of our animal friends.

Dave's Feathery Friend Sleeps Like Royalty

Trouble Version 2 Waiting For His Dad, Dave Brooker
Trouble Version 2 Waiting For His Dad, Dave Brooker

To ensure T2’s utmost comfort on their adventures, Dave strategically places vibrant red blankets at every destination. This feathered fashionista is thrilled to perch herself on the cosy blankets, serving as her imperial throne. As night falls, T2 gracefully curls up on her chosen spot, like a true queen, awaiting the morning light.

Their bond extends to the realm of slumber, as T2 has developed an uncanny habit of going upstairs to join Dave in their shared sanctuary. A heartwarming gesture led to a sleeping arrangement fit for a queen. Dave laid out a soft blanket, enveloping T2 in a cocoon of warmth and security. And when the sun awakens the world, there lies T2, ever loyal and content in her newfound kingdom.

Dave shared some of the most amusing moments. From foxy encounters to police stops, this dynamic duo knows how to turn heads and create a turkey-rific spectacle wherever they go!

As for their shopping adventures, T2 has unique preferences. The fearless turkey stays in the car during frozen food escapades, as she’s not a fan of the chilly aisles. But fear not! Upon his return, Brooker ensures T2 receives her usual treat – a scotch egg. Her excitement peeks through the window, and once unlocked, she hungrily devours her savoury surprise. Talk about a feast fit for a feathered queen!

But their culinary escapades don’t stop at scotch eggs. T2 also delights in cheesy delights. From cheese pizzas to tortillas topped with cheese and onion, this turkey knows how to keep her taste buds clucking with delight. Who says turkeys can’t have a gourmet palette?

With their hilarious escapades and T2’s unique appetite, Brooker and Trouble Version 2 are a dynamic duo spreading laughter and joy wherever they roam.

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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