Tommy Cannon Releases New Single, “I Don’t Need To Be Hip”

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Tommy Cannon Lights Up the Ginger and Nuts Show!

Tommy Cannon - I Don't Need To Be Hip
Tommy Cannon - I Don't Need To Be Hip

On this week’s Ginger and Nuts show, comedy legend Tommy Cannon had listeners in stitches as he discussed his new single, “I Don’t Need To Be Hip!” and shared amusing anecdotes from his career.

The charismatic radio hosts couldn’t get enough of his wit and charm, captivating their audience with tales of his iconic partnership with Bobby Ball.

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    Interview | Tommy Cannon Ginger and Nuts

"From Hernias to Hilarity: Cannon and Ball’s Unforgettable Interview Chronicles"

The interview started with a bang as the hosts played, ‘Wind Beneath My Wings,’ by Cannon and Ball. Setting the tone for a hilarious conversation, Tommy regaled everyone with a hilarious behind-the-scenes story from their performances. He recalled how Bobby fell asleep on a stool during that song, prompting Tommy to carry him offstage, blowing out the spotlight and ending the show. Tommy admitted that while the audience loved it, he ended up with two hernias from the stunt.

As the laughter continued, Ginger mentioned that she had recently watched Cannon and Ball’s movie, “Boys in Blue,” and couldn’t contain her excitement. Curious to know Tommy’s experience filming it, she eagerly asked about the fun they had on set.

Tommy shared that he and Bobby had never done a movie before, so they diligently learned the entire script from start to finish. However, when they arrived on set, the director surprised them by starting on page 63, scene 12. Tommy couldn’t help but laugh as he recalled their shock before scrambling to learn the scene and deliver it flawlessly.

Cannon and Ball in The Boys In Blue
Cannon and Ball in The Boys In Blue

From Fan to Legend: Tommy's Unforgettable Encore with Robbie Williams!

In a once-in-a-lifetime moment that he will never forget, Tommy talked about his awe-inspiring encounter with music icon Robbie Williams during a concert at Manchester Arena. The unforgettable experience left Tommy stunned and deeply touched by the genuine connection he shared with his idol.

Renowned for his energetic performances, Robbie Williams made his way down the stage, turned and locked eyes with Tommy, put his hand to his forehead and saluted.

At first, Tommy doubted that the salute was intended for him, thinking it must have been a regular occurrence during Robbie’s shows. However, the surprises were far from over.

As the final notes of the concert reverberated through the arena, Robbie Williams, known for his electrifying performances, took centre stage once again. With a mischievous grin, he announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a true legend among us tonight.” The anticipation filled the air as the crowd held their breath, eager to uncover the mystery guest.

To Tommy’s surprise, Robbie Williams revealed his identity with a flourish. The mention of Tommy Cannon’s name evoked a thunderous response from the 20,000-strong audience, with chants of “Tommy, Tommy!” cascading through the arena. Overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the fans, Tommy couldn’t help but feel humbled and grateful.

Rock On Tommy!

“They were all looking at me, shouting ‘Rock on Tommy!’ It was unbelievable,” Tommy exclaimed, still moved by the incredible display of affection from the crowd. For a moment, it felt as if time stood still as the applause and cheers filled the air, solidifying Tommy’s place in the hearts of his fans.

After the concert, the extraordinary evening took an unexpected turn when Tommy and his family had the opportunity to meet Robbie Williams in person at the VIP bar. However, what happened next left Tommy in shock. “I got the shock of my life because he’s six foot tall! I thought he was only about five foot eight,” Tommy revealed, highlighting the surprise he felt upon meeting his idol face-to-face.

The meeting between the two icons was magical, with Robbie warmly embracing Tommy and expressing his admiration. “He said, ‘Tommy, I love you, mate. You’re a legend. I grew up with you,'” Tommy recounted, still overwhelmed by the encounter.

A photograph was taken to commemorate the unforgettable night and their incredible connection, capturing the genuine warmth and camaraderie shared between Tommy Cannon and Robbie Williams. Today, that photograph proudly hangs on Tommy’s wall, constantly reminding him of the remarkable experience that forever changed his life.

Robbie Williams warmly embracing Tommy Cannon
Robbie Williams warmly embracing Tommy Cannon

Tommy Releases 'I Don't Need To Be Hip'"

Released today, Friday 22 September 2023, Tommy’s new single, ‘I Don’t Need To Be Hip’ is now available on all major music platforms. Fans can stream or download the track.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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