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Spud-tastic Showstopper: Garden Guru Angela Returns with Allotment Tips 

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Spud-tastic Showstopper: Garden Guru Angela Returns with Allotment Tips 

Angela's Allotment Tips
Angela, the go-to guru of top gardening and allotment tips, took centre stage on the Ginger and Nuts show with her latest allotment feature.


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    Angela's Allotment Ginger and Nuts

Here’s a peek at what unfolded:

“Happy St David’s Day, Welsh listeners! It’s the 1st of March, and I’m thrilled to be chatting with you from my allotment,” Angela opened, setting the stage.

Despite the lingering cold and wet weather, signs of spring are everywhere—crocus, daffodils in bloom, and delightful chirping birds. Of course, the highlight? Frogspawn in the pond, a favourite of Angela’s!

“I’ve been weeding and prepping the ground, covering it with a permeable membrane to welcome the upcoming seeds and seedlings,” Angela shared.

Frogspawn in the pond

While cautious of the recent frosts and heavy rains, Angela’s eyeing her seedlings before planting them at the allotment. However, her broad beans will brave the outdoors soon for their hardy nature.

Transitioning to the beloved spud, Angela delves into growing potatoes—a perfect starting point for veggie novices, she notes. She’s already chitting some seed potatoes, giving them a head start.

“From boiling to roasting, potatoes are culinary chameleons!” Angela exclaimed, explaining the chitting process and the optimal timing for sprouting spuds.

It’s prime time to grab seed potatoes at your local garden centres or online before stocks vanish. Know your crop: early, mid-season or late-season harvests cater to various tastes and periods.

Different Varieties of Potatoes
Different Varieties of Potatoes

From the timing of different potato types to the secret behind prolonged storage, she left no tuber unturned.

Her selection of four potato varieties – including the renowned Jersey Royals and the trusty King Edwards – for a year-round supply was met with nods of approval from spud enthusiasts everywhere.

But wait, there’s more! Angela revealed her groundbreaking experiment of planting potatoes in cardboard boxes, a quirky twist that has the gardening world buzzing with curiosity.

And in breaking news, Angela promises bi-weekly updates from her allotment, keeping us all on tenterhooks for her next green-fingered instalment on March 15th. Until then, keep those trowels ready and stay tuned for more of Angela’s top-notch tips every other week!

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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