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Spud-tacular Gardening Tips with Angela: Tater Tales from the Allotment!

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Spud-tacular Gardening Tips with Angela: Tater Tales from the Allotment!

Angela Gardening Tips
Angela, the gardening guru took the airwaves by storm on the Ginger and Nuts show with her live allotment feature that had everyone buzzing!


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    Angela – Allotment 2 Ginger and Nuts

Here’s a sneak peek at the juicy gossip:

Angela spills the beans on sowing seeds indoors, and her top picks, from purple sprouting broccoli to colourful tomatoes, are destined for the great outdoors!

She’s got a cornucopia of sweet corn varieties up her sleeve, including the quirky Glass Gem bred by a Cherokee seedsman!

Companion flowers like Alyssum and Nasturtium are on Angela’s radar, attracting pollinators and warding off pesky pests in style.

And don’t miss out on Angela’s secret Comfrey Tea fertilizer hack for a bloomin’ good harvest!

With plans for raised beds and the sweet scent of sweet peas in the air, Angela’s allotment is set to bloom brighter than ever before!

Angela also shared the inside scoop on her chitting potatoes – set to hit the soil by Easter!

With her trusty sidekick, Christian (her son!) in tow, they tackle the allotment like pros – securing covers, planting garlic, and warding off pesky critters with the power of garlic!

Stay tuned for more earthy wisdom from Angela’s allotment adventures in two weeks! Happy gardening, folks!

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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