Singing Dad Nick Edwards Takes the Music Industry by Storm

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Singing Dad Nick Edwards Takes the Music Industry by Storm

Singing Dad Nick Edwards

Ginger and Nuts interviewed Nick Edwards, aka ‘Singing Dad’ from Britain’s Got Talent, discussing his music journey and his new single, ‘Grown Men Shouldn’t Cry’

In a recent interview, Ginger and Nuts had the pleasure of chatting with Britain’s Got Talent’s very own ‘Singing Dad,’ Nick Edwards, about his exciting journey in music.

The talented singer/songwriter from the UK has been making waves with his acoustic-based style, infused with elements of country, Americana, folk, pop, and soul.

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    NICK EDWARDS Ginger and Nuts

Singing Dad Nick Edwards

From Surprise Act to Spotlight

Nick discussed his unexpected journey on Britain’s Got Talent during the interview. He revealed that a producer stumbled upon a video he had shared on social media, looking for a father figure for the show. Intrigued by his talent, the producers contacted Nick’s wife and convinced her to bring him to the London Palladium under false pretences. On the performance day, Nick was in for a shock when his mother and two children walked on stage, prompting him to realise he was part of a surprise act. Overwhelmed and terrified, Nick admitted to being nervous throughout the entire process.

The standout moment of Nick’s audition was his heartfelt rendition of “Daddy’s Little Girls.” The performance quickly went viral, garnering millions of views on YouTube. When asked about the impact of this recognition on his music career, Nick expressed gratitude for the exposure and the show’s production team. He recalled receiving a call from the producer just days before the episode aired, informing him that his audition would feature prominently in the first episode.

When the episode aired, Edwards’ phone started buzzing non-stop with messages and inquiries, solidifying his newfound popularity.

Reflecting on the overwhelming success of his music, Nick exclaimed, “Even this week, I think it went to a country I’d never heard of, actually. But my geography is awful.” Despite his lack of geographical knowledge, he couldn’t contain his excitement as the song continued to gain momentum across various nations. “I still feel in my heart of hearts that it’s one of those songs that I don’t think it’s going to lose its wings,” he confessed. “I think that there’s still an important place for it. I’ve just got a feeling it’s going to come round again at some point.”

From ‘Has-Been’ to Global Sensation: Nick’s Unlikely Journey to Music Stardom

The unexpected stardom has been a remarkable turn of events for Nick, who once considered himself a “has-been” in music. After prioritising his role as a parent and discontinuing his pursuit of a musical career, fate intervened, catapulting him back into the limelight. “Suddenly, my life turned upside down almost overnight,” he recalled, marvelling at the fact that his music was now making waves in numerous countries around the globe. “It’s a massive accomplishment for me because it’s all I ever wanted to do: be a musician and sing and write.”

Amidst his soaring popularity, Nick has released a new single titled “Grown Men Shouldn’t Cry.” Explaining the inspiration behind the track, he touched upon the prevailing belief that men should suppress their emotions. However, the singer-songwriter proudly defied this notion, unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. “I’ve always been over-emotional in myself, but I’ve shown the world that I wear my heart on my sleeve,” he declared. With the single boasting elements of acoustic, pop, and country music, Nick aimed to create a raw and stripped-down experience for his listeners.

Nick confidently asserted that he had numerous songs in the pipeline when asked about future releases. “Loads. I’ve got loads,” he revealed, leaving fans eager for more of his heartfelt and diverse musical offerings.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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