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Angela’s Classic Sausage Tray Bake: A Comforting and Simple Delight!

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Angela's Classic Sausage Tray Bake

Angela's Classic Sausage Tray Bake

Angela is back once again with her amazing Top Tips, and this week; she’s got something truly comforting for us: her scrumptious ‘stick to your ribs’ Classic Sausage Tray Bake.

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Angela's Classic Sausage Tray Bake
Angela’s Classic Sausage Tray Bake

Now, let us share the recipe and instructions so you can work your culinary magic!

Prepare yourself for a super simple sausage tray bake.

To start, grab yourself a large oven tray or roasting tin. Now, let’s gather all the necessary ingredients.


• 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

• 1lb or 500 grams of high-quality sausages. Aim for at least eight sausages. Angela personally recommends traditional pork sausages, but feel free to use your favourite variety. If you have any vegetarians in the family, you can also use veggie sausages or create two tray bakes – one with each sausage type.

• 400 grams of new potatoes, or if you can’t find any, opt for small baby potatoes. Remember to cut any larger potatoes in half.

• Slice three red, yellow, or orange peppers into chunks.

• Cut 2 or 3 red onions into slices.

• 8 cloves of garlic. Peel and crush them.

• A teaspoon of dried thyme

• A teaspoon of dried rosemary.

• A generous pinch of salt and pepper.

• 300ml of hot chicken stock. Here’s Angela’s personal touch – a dash of Worcester sauce in the stock. But that’s totally up to you!


Once you have all the ingredients ready, preheat the oven to 200C.

Place all ingredients except the chicken stock in the large oven tray or roasting tin. Make sure they’re well-coated in oil by giving them a good toss. Try to arrange them in a single layer on the tray for even cooking.

Pop the tray into the oven and let it cook for 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes, take the tray out of the oven. Give the sausages a quick turn and pour over the chicken stock. Then, return the tray to the oven for another 20 minutes or until it’s cooked to your desired perfection. In total, it should take roughly 45 minutes.

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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