Revving Up for Adventure: Rich Cross Rates and Reviews the Best Service Stations in the UK

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Meet Rich, the Service Station Crusader!

Rich Cross Service Stations King

In a wild adventure that will have you yearning for motorway service stops and fast-food feasts, we bring you the story of Rich Cross, the service station enthusiast extraordinaire!

This 25-year-old delivery driver has made it his mission to conquer all 95 service stations in the UK.

With over 20,000 miles covered each year, Rich dedicates his Tuesdays to Fridays to exploring every nook and cranny of motorway service stations and A-road services. Move aside, Phileas Fogg, because Rich is the new globetrotter in town!

But this passion for petrol-filled havens isn’t new for Rich. From a young lad chilling in his dad’s truck, he fell head over wheels for service station culture. “I grew a fascination and an interest from there, really,” Rich happily shared during his interview on Ginger and Nuts’ live show last Friday.

Listen to our Interview with Rich!

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    Rich Cross – Service Stations Ginger and Nuts

Revving Up and Rating

Rich is an esteemed contributor to the beloved enthusiast website Motorway Services Online.

When he’s not busy delivering packages, he’s out on the road, gathering intel and rating these rest areas like a true connoisseur.
I travel around for Motorway Services Online. We cover all 95 motorway service areas and over 400 A-road sights,” Rich explained excitedly. “And I visit all of them at least once a year if I can.”

You’re probably wondering, “How much does this deep affinity for service stations cost?” Well, my fellow road warriors, the price tag is not for the faint of heart! According to recent tabloids, Rich estimates he spends around £10,000 each year on his service station escapades.

So what does it take for a service station to impress Rich on his epic journey? “I think a site has got to have something for everybody. That tends to be top of the top of my list. It’s also got to have a good brand lineup that everybody recognises, but I’m also a sucker for a good sit-down restaurant as well

The Best - Rugby Service Station on the M6
One Of The Best - Rugby Service Station on the M6

Rich Unveils His Top Five Pit Stops

But it’s not all about the facilities – Rich also seeks unforgettable experiences during his travels.

With his reputation soaring like a seagull eyeing a bag of chips, he’s been getting some A-list treatment lately!

In fact, he even had the honour of opening the new McDonald’s drive-thru at Northampton South Services on the M1 back in July.

Now, for all you eager road trippers out there, Rich’s top five service stations are as follows: Rugby Services on the M6, Stafford South Services on the M6, Fleet Services on the M3, Strensham Services on the M5, and Lancaster on the M6.

Thanks Rich! Your passion for service stations has taken us all for one unforgettable ride!

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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