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Renowned Home Hacks Expert Reveals Tea Stain Cleaning Hack

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Renowned Home Hacks Expert Reveals Tea Stain Cleaning Hack

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Angela, the beloved guru of home hacks, recently made waves on the hit Ginger and Nuts show with her latest genius tip. In her exclusive segment, she enlightened listeners on a quick and easy trick to combat stubborn tea stains in mugs and teapots.

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Angela shared her wisdom, saying, “Today I’m going to give you a tip for cleaning stained mugs and teapots. I absolutely love my cups of tea, it’s my drug of choice, and because I drink so much of it I find that my mugs and teapots can get a bit stained from the tannin in the tea.

With a charming demeanour, Angela elaborated on her environmentally-friendly solution, reassuring, “Here’s a tip for getting rid of those stains that cost next to nothing and are totally safe using no nasty chemicals. It’s eco-friendly and won’t poison the fishes in our waterways.

Highlighting the magic of bicarbonate of soda as a cleaning agent, Angela enthused, “Bicarbonate of soda is so useful. It can clean almost anything, including stained teacups and teapots.

She added a fascinating tidbit, “Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was cleaned with bicarbonate of soda for its centennial?

For the hands-on part of the hack, Angela guided the audience step by step, “First dip your mug or teapot in warm soapy water. Then add a teaspoon or two of the bicarb into the mug and shake the mug or teapot around so that it sticks to the sides.

Concluding the hack with a flourish, Angela emphasised, “Job done and no nasty chemicals used. All nice and clean and ready to make another lovely brew.

Angela’s simple yet effective tip is sure to revolutionise tea lovers’ cleaning routines across the nation, proving once again why she is the go-to expert for all things domestic.

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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