Angela spills her spellbinding Halloween Ghost Cookie secrets!

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Halloween Ghost Cookies

Halloween Ghost Cookies
Halloween Ghost Cookies

Listen to how to make Ghost Cookies

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    Angelas Top Tips Halloween Kat Y (Ginge)

Angela and Ginger and Nuts embark on a spooky adventure this week, where Angela reveals her most enchanting ‘Top Tips’ for Halloween.

Brace yourself for the eerily delicious Halloween Ghost Cookies, guaranteed to bewitch both young and old alike. So, Prepare to whip up these delectable treats with your brood, as the little ghouls and goblins will be screaming with delight.

Dust off the cauldron and gather the following ingredients for a wickedly good time:

Halloween Ghost Cookies Ingredients

• 200 grams of Plain Flour, perfect for ghostly apparitions
• 90 grams of Unsalted Butter, softened at room temperature, to add that sinister smoothness
• 100 grams of Castor Sugar, to add a touch of sweetness to the macabre
• 1/2 a Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract or Essence, for that hypnotic aroma
• 1 Large Egg, to bind the hauntingly good flavours together
• 1/2 a Teaspoon of Baking Powder, to make those cookies rise like spirits in the night
• And finally, 1/2 a Teaspoon of Salt, to add a pinch of dark magic


1. Begin this hauntingly delicious adventure by gracefully and expertly creaming together the butter and sugar in a bowl until light and pale in texture. Proceed to beat in the egg and a touch of vanilla essence.

2. In another sacred bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt, forming a mystical blend of dry ingredients.

3. With utmost care, gradually incorporate these dry ingredients into the divine union of eggs and butter. Stir gently yet thoroughly.

4. Fear not if the mixture becomes too sticky for its desired purpose. A touch of flour, sparingly added, shall grant it the necessary resilience, ensuring a perfect balance between tenderness and strength.

5. Shape the dough into a celestial sphere, embraced within a clingfilm cocoon. Together, they shall embark on a transformative journey within the sacred depths of the refrigerator, resting and harmonising their flavours for no less than an hour.

6. As the dough emerges from its slumber, engulfed in a burst of coldness, the oven eagerly preheats to 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the spirit of anticipation to fill the air as you divide the cookie dough in half, reserving the other portion for future culinary excursions.

7. Roll it out on a lightly floured surface until it reaches a quarter of an inch in thickness (approximately 6mm). With the aid of a ghost-shaped cutter, release ethereal apparitions from the dough. A tip worthy of magicians: delicately dip the cutter’s edge in flour between each precise incision, granting the ghosts freedom from any desire to cling.

8. Place these freshly released phantoms onto a baking tray, leaving a whisper of space between each other to ensure their charms may freely expand. Into the oven, they go, their edges transforming into a light golden hue over 10-12 minutes. 

9. Once these spectral delights have completed their celestial dance within the oven’s embrace, transfer them to a cooling rack, basking in a gentle breeze that caresses their tender souls. Repeat this mystic ritual with the remaining dough to produce yet another batch of enchanting ghost cookies.

10 Finally, it is time to give life to these ghostly delights. 

Decorating the Halloween Ghost Cookies

Prepare to dazzle your taste buds with this incredibly simple yet decadently delicious basic royal icing.


1. An egg white.

2. 250 grams of sifted icing sugar.


1. Begin by nestling the egg white into a bowl, and, using either a hand whisk or a trusty fork, lightly beat it until it transforms into a frothy delight.

2. With an air of finesse, gradually introduce the sieved icing sugar, a tablespoon at a time, gently whisking it into the mixture.

Watch in awe as it melds together, forming an irresistibly glossy and luxuriously thick texture.

3. As you stir this velvety concoction with a spoon, witness the soft peaks dance before your eyes, signalling its readiness to grace your delectable Ghost Cookies. However, if the consistency falls shy of perfection, sprinkle in a touch more icing sugar, patiently refining it until it reaches divine decadence.

4. Remember, to fully revel in the splendour of this creation, it is best to utilise the icing swiftly before it sets and becomes a culinary masterpiece to behold.

Now, for those who aspire to add a touch of whimsical charm, consider detailing your creations with tiny, enchanting black dots for eyes and mouths. Fear not. Small tubes of pre-made black icing are readily available, offering both convenience and simplicity, making it a delightful endeavour even for the little ones.

Let the cookies cast a spell on your taste buds. ‘Tis the season to be spooky, after all. Happy haunting!



Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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