Pub-Obsessed Couple Spend £15,000 on Boozy Adventure

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Thirsty Couple Takes the UK by Storm

Dale Harvey and Holly Booth. UK Pub Challenge

In a beer lover’s dream come true, Dale Harvey and Holly Booth have spent £15,000 to visit every pub in the UK. 

In a quest that would make any avid beer connoisseur green with envy, Dale Harvey, a 37-year-old pub enthusiast from Sneinton in Nottingham, and his partner Holly Booth, 31, have embarked on a wild pub-hopping adventure across the United Kingdom.

Armed with a thirst for exploration and a taste for the finest ales, this couple has spared no expense, shelling out a jaw-dropping £15,000 to visit every boozer in the country. And let’s say they’ve been raising more than a few pints along the way.

Since setting out on their epic quest in March last year, Dale and Holly have ticked off an impressive 1,549 pubs from their boozy checklist. Talk about dedication!

What started as a quirky New Year’s resolution quickly became a daily routine for this dynamic duo. This week, they reached a staggering milestone: their 460th consecutive day exploring the finest drinking joints in England.

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    Dale UK Pub Crawl Ginger and Nuts

The rule is, they have to have an alcoholic drink in each one ( Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Dale, with a glimmer in his eye, admits, “I’ve always been interested in pubs, especially the old ones, as I love their history.” His passion for these hallowed establishments once led him to run his very own pub for an impressive decade. Now, he and Holly spend their days visiting an average of three pubs, indulging in a ‘quick’ half pint at each stop to maximize their pub-hopping experience.

Weekends are no exception for these pub aficionados. In fact, they strive to check off around 12 pubs from their list each weekend. And if you thought 12 was impressive, hold onto your hat, because they once visited a mind-boggling 23 pubs in a single day. Their relentless determination has allowed them to visit more than 1,300 pubs in Nottinghamshire alone, with only 50 left in the county to conquer.

But their adventurous spirits aren’t confined to their local stomping grounds. Dale and Holly recently took a two-day trip to the capital, where they indulged in the vibrant pub scene and visited St Albans in Hertfordshire. There, they paid homage to Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, a pub claiming to be the oldest in England, built back in 793 AD. London may have its charms, but Dale insists that his favourite spot to grab a pint is still The Ned Ludd in Nottingham.

With each pub visit, Dale and Holly leave no stone unturned. They carefully craft an honest review of their experience and share it with their impressive following of over 6,000 people on their Facebook page. Their dedication to documenting this colossal pub crawl hasn’t gone unnoticed.

To complete their undertaking, Dale estimates that he and Holly will have to visit more than 60,000 pubs. They’ve showcased their ability to conquer pub after pub while rarely succumbing to hangovers. Dale confidently claims, “We normally manage to do it [the pub crawl] hangover free.”

So, raise a glass to Dale and Holly, the pub pioneers of our time. They’ve proven that passion, determination, and a thirst for adventure can take you on an unforgettable journey through the heart and soul of the UK’s pub culture. Cheers!

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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