Psychic Medium TJ Higgs Inspires Worldwide with Unique Gift

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TJ Higgs: The Lady Gaga of Psychic Powers!

Psychic Medium TJ Higgs
Psychic Medium TJ Higgs

Comparing herself to the iconic Lady Gaga, TJ boldly declared, “I was born this way,” as she described her unique gift. However, she revealed that her psychic abilities faced scepticism during her formative years. Recounting her childhood experiences, she shared instances of encountering apparitions of her great-grandfather and expressing concern when her uncle unknowingly sat on him. Sadly, her claims were dismissed, causing her to suppress her extraordinary abilities.

Initially treating her psychic talents as a mere hobby while working in the field of accounts, TJ never envisioned going public with her gifts. Yet, fate had other plans in store for her.

Now, traversing the globe, TJ offers courses and inspires countless individuals, encouraging them to embrace their empathetic and compassionate sides. From Japan to New Zealand and America, her work knows no boundaries.

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    Interview: TJ Higgs Ginger and Nuts

Psychic Medium TJ Higgs Transforms Sorrow into Peace

When asked about the most fulfilling aspect of being a psychic medium, TJ responded with unwavering passion, stating, “All of it.” She emphasized her unwavering commitment to empowering both her students and clients. ” I cannot erase your grief,” she admitted, “but if I can give you some understanding of where your people are and what they see you doing, if I can give that… it’s very fulfilling.”

She shared a heart-warming anecdote about a recent encounter with a grieving couple, proving her dedication to her craft. Though she chose to keep their identities confidential out of respect for their privacy, she recounted the immense impact her session had on them. ” They both felt more at peace,” Higgs revealed. ” If that’s the word, isn’t it? That’s very fulfilling.”

TJ reminded listeners that death doesn’t transform people into scary entities. “One day, we will be spirit,” she mused. “But we’re not scary, are we? We’re people, you know, there are good people and there are bad people.” She expressed disdain for the exaggerated portrayal of mediums and the “demonising” that often occurs. “I just can’t be doing with all of that,” she confessed, highlighting the importance of spreading accurate information and dispelling misconceptions about her field of work.

From Haunting Mysteries to Electrifying Stage Tours

When asked about her time on Psychic Private Eyes, TJ couldn’t help but express her fulfilment and amazement. However, she also confessed that it was not without its challenges. Working on unsolved murder cases took a toll on her, as the intense emotions surrounding these tragic events affected her deeply. TJ, who possesses clairsentience, admitted she might have benefited from seeking counselling due to the emotional roller coaster she went through during those times.

Moving on to her current tour, TJ revealed her initial hesitation about returning to the stage. Unsure that people still desired her presence, she eventually embarked on the venture. To her surprise, the tour was an overwhelming success, resonating with her fans. While she couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness, reminiscing about working with fellow psychic Colin Fry and the comradery they shared, TJ felt blessed to have received Colin’s blessings to continue her tour.

A heartfelt message from Derek Acorah’s wife, Gwen, further solidified her decision to carry on, reminding her that her unique approach to psychic work was valuable and irreplaceable.

TJ Higgs with the late Derek Acorah and Colin Fry
TJ Higgs with the late Derek Acorah and Colin Fry

Feather of Fate: A Magical Connection Unveiled!

TJ recalled an incident which involved two women in the audience vying for her attention. “I knew I was with the lady I was talking to in front of me,” she said. “And the lady over the other side kept sort of buttoning in, fair enough.”

Not one to be deterred, TJ silently appealed to the spirits, requesting them to indicate the woman she was meant to connect with clearly. “Sort it out,” she mentally urged.

To the amazement of everyone present, a feather inexplicably descended from above and gracefully landed on the woman TJ had initially been conversing with. The sight was nothing short of magical and was caught on camera. TJ couldn’t help but share a light-hearted quip in response, “Yeah, I’ve got a bird up there; people are shaking it, you know, while I’m working.”

The significance of this event was not lost on the other lady, who finally acknowledged the undeniable connection between the feather and TJ’s message. “I think I know where I am, don’t you?” TJ asked playfully. And with a resounding affirmation, “Oh yes, she said, oh yes, because this feather, you know, you can’t make it up.”

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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