Pauly Long – the Testicle King that puts the ‘sack’ into Snack!

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Pauly Long - the Testicle King that puts the 'sack' into Snack!

Pauly Long, a 31-year-old man from Philadelphia, has gained the title of ‘Testicle King’ due to his unusual diet of raw animal balls.

His eating habits have been compared to those of the infamous murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, and some have even wrongly assumed him to be gay despite being married.

Being a full-time content creator residing in Bali, Pauly gained internet fame when a video of him eating a raw goat testicle went viral.

He claims that his meat-heavy diet has positively impacted his body and life.

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A Man’s Love for Raw Testicles Leads to a Nutty Transformation

When asked what he loved about eating testicles, he said: “They’re highly nutritious, and you feel awesome. They are a really good source of protein; there are many amazing active enzymes and a great way to boost your testicular health, along with the natural testosterone. So yeah, they’re awesome. They’re a superfood”.

And it’s not just animal testicles that Pauly is nutty over.

“I’ve tried it all. I’ve done a ton of different organs – testicles, brain, heart, liver, pancreas, spleen, tongue, and eyeball. I’ve done raw chicken and raw pork as a week and been completely fine afterwards”.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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