Beyond Sweet Dreams: The Rise of Naplab’s Mattress Guru

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Exploring the World of Zzz's with Derek Hales at Naplab!

Derek Hales testing a Mattress at Naplab
Derek Hales testing a Mattress at Naplab

When Ginger and Nuts delved into the bizarre world of mattresses, they scored an interview with Derek Hales at Naplab. From outrageous “sex scores” to meticulous evaluations!

In a surprising turn of events, Derek Hales, a former senior marketing executive, threw caution to the wind and abandoned his cushy job to pursue a career in the fascinating realm of mattress testing. What began as a simple hobby of reviewing mattresses quickly snowballed into a thriving enterprise, with Derek leading the charge at none other than the renowned company, Naplab

Armed with his unrivalled expertise and an inclination for experimentation, Derek has shaken up the industry by introducing rigorous assessments, even going as far as creating a cheeky “sex score.”

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Derek's Edge Test at Naplab
Derek's Edge Test at Naplab

The Accidental Dream: From Online Shopper to Professional Mattress Tester

When asked if he had always dreamed of becoming a professional mattress tester, Derek from Naplab couldn’t help but chuckle, saying, ” No, certainly not a life-long dream or anything like that. It all happened quite by accident, really.” He recounted his journey, which kickstarted back in 2014 when he and his wife embarked on a quest to find a new bed. 

Faced with exorbitant prices and pushy sales tactics in traditional stores, they ventured into the exciting realm of online mattress shopping. Little did Derek know that this seemingly mundane experience would ignite an unwavering passion within him. “In the process of finding these beds online, I gathered so much information, effectively testing my first two mattresses,” he explained. 

Fuelled by a stroke of inspiration, Derek transformed his notes, reviews, and comparisons into a full-fledged website. And as if by magic, his project skyrocketed in popularity, shedding light on the immense consumer demand for thorough and detailed assessments.

With curiosity brimming over, Ginger and Nuts couldn’t help but delve deeper into the inner workings of the Naplab testing studio. “We employ a battery of objective testing and data to ensure comprehensive evaluations. 

Our criteria include cooling, motion transfer, response, edge work, pressure relief, and yes, even a ‘sex’ factor, among others,” Derek enthused. Harnessing his extensive knowledge, Derek and his brilliant team at Naplab meticulously craft tests that objectively measure various aspects of each factor, enabling them to provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth reviews. 

This valuable information empowers consumers to make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a mattress, going far beyond the limited insights gleaned from rushed in-store trials or hasty online purchases made without prior knowledge.

Derek Hales Testing Motion Transfer at Naplab
Derek Hales Testing Motion Transfer at Naplab

Bedroom Breakthrough: Naplab's Unveils Game-Changing Sex Rating System!

Get ready to revolutionize your love life! When it comes to exploring the wild side of the bedroom, the brilliant minds at Naplab have cracked the code.

Derek unveils the five critical factors that drive Naplab’s objective sex rating system. Brace yourselves for the epic revelations of bounce, edge support, pressure relief, cooling, and, yes, even noise! Derek knows that a mattress with outstanding bounce and edge support can elevate your experience to new heights, effortlessly keeping the rhythm flowing like a symphony of desire. Through rigorous testing, the Naplab team meticulously crunches the numbers, assigning each mattress an irresistible rating on a scale of one to ten.

So, the next time you embark on a quest for the perfect mattress, remember this golden rule: a vivacious mattress equals a vivacious love life! Gone are the days of snuggling up to a dull and lifeless memory foam mattress that’s as exciting as a doorknob. Your passionate encounters deserve better.

But wait, there’s more! Naplab’s devotion to romance doesn’t stop at the surface level. Oh no, they understand that motion transfer can make or break relationships in the blink of an eye. Just imagine being trapped on a mattress that transforms every toss and turn into an annoying earthquake. Enter Derek’s genius solution.

To ascertain the true prowess of a mattress, Naplab employs mind-blowing techniques involving an accelerometer and a medicine ball. They drop the ball on one side of the mattress, measuring the resulting motion. It’s a captivating spectacle to witness. The best mattresses are those that swiftly extinguish the disturbance, leaving you and your partner undisturbed and floating in a sea of passion. In contrast, traditional coil or spring mattresses exhibit a pesky initial spike of motion, ruthlessly prolonging the disturbance. Surely, you wouldn’t want your relationship to be haunted by midnight tremors, right?

So, if you seek recovery from those troublesome tremors and desire a harmonious connection with your partner, choose a mattress that effortlessly absorbs and disperses energy, banishing disturbances and welcoming amour in its purest form.

Can you spot a bad mattress just by giving it a once-over? Derek’s response rang out with confidence, “Definitely!” Bringing forth his wealth of knowledge, he emphasised two key indicators of mattress quality. First off, thickness plays a significant role. Now, we’re not saying that the thicker the mattress, the better it is, but generally speaking, those super cheap beds found in bargain outlets or colossal department stores tend to be subpar snooze companions. Derek advised splurging a little to procure a mattress made with high-quality materials that are both durable and safe. Thick does the trick, folks!

To further bolster his case, Derek revealed another hidden secret. Thin mattresses, in general, fail to impress the toughest sleep critics. The reason is simple – mattresses crafted with more materials, whether it be foams or coils, tend to outlast their less-endowed counterparts. With their robust support, these full-bodied mattresses resist sagging and body impressions, resulting in a superior slumber experience. When it comes to mattress performance, the old adage “more is merrier” holds true!

So, don’t skimp on quality or thickness next time you want to invest in a mattress. Go big, go plush, and go home to the sleep of your dreams!

To find out more about Naplab and Derek’s testing routine, visit naplab.com

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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