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Music Travel Love Spread Holiday Cheer with New Christmas Single

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Music Travel Love Spread Holiday Cheer with New Christmas Single

Music Travel Love

In an interview with music critic Diana Cavazos Woloszyk, she joined Ginger and Nuts to share her insights on the latest Christmas single, “It’s Christmas Time” by Music Travel Love.

The talented duo, comprised of identical twins Bob and Clint Moffatt, has made waves in the music industry with their heart-warming melodies.

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    Review : Music Travel Love (Radio Edit) Ginger and Nuts

Rekindling the Melodic Magic: The Moffatts’ Journey from Past to Present

Originating from Canada, the Moffatt twins gained recognition in the 90s, primarily in the United States. However, it wasn’t until recently that Diana stumbled upon their latest track on YouTube. “When I found this track, I instantly loved it,” she exclaimed. Curiosity drove her to delve deeper into the background of the enchanting singers, leading to a nostalgic revelation.

Diana’s excitement peaked when she discovered that Bob and Clint Moffatt were formerly part of a band called The Moffatts, a group her older brother Danny used to follow. Eager to reconnect with her brother’s favourite band, she reached out to him. “Hey, do you guys remember The Moffatts?” she asked, eagerly awaiting his response. With a resounding “Oh, yeah,” Danny confirmed the bond between the new sensation and their shared musical history.

As it turns out, the talented brothers are part of a quartet, joined by their other half-brother, Dave and older brother, Scott. They began their musical journey at the tender age of four and amassed an impressive 5,000 live performances. Their hard work paid off when they released three records under Polydor Nashville. Their first pop album, “Chapter One, A New Beginning,” released in 1998, garnered significant attention in Southeast Asia, securing several hits. They followed up with another album in 2000 before officially disbanding in 2001.

Fast forward to 2017, and the Moffatt brothers embarked on a promotional tour in Asia for Moffatt’s Farewell tour, bidding a touching goodbye to their loyal fans. However, the musical flame between Bob and Clint continued to burn. Determined to pursue their passion together, they formed Music Travel Love. The duo embarked on a remarkable journey, recording and performing songs at breathtaking scenic locations worldwide.

From Music to Java: The Inspired Journey of Music Travel Love

But their musical endeavours didn’t stop there. In addition to Music Travel Love, Bob and Clint ventured into other creative endeavours. They launched a children’s channel called Music Travel Kids and even entered the coffee industry with their very own coffee brand, Music Java Love. The news of their foray into the world of coffee excited Diana, a self-confessed coffee lover, who expressed her eagerness to learn more about their coffee creations.

With “It’s Christmas Time,” Music Travel Love continues to captivate audiences worldwide, spreading joy and holiday cheer. The Moffatt twins’ ability to create heartfelt melodies seems to have no bounds, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what they will create next.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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