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Music Expert Raves About Lee Murray’s Single ‘Rust’

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Music Expert Raves About Lee Murray’s Single ‘Rust’

Lee Murray from Let Loose

Music Expert Diana Cavazos Woloszyk from Chicago, USA, provided her thoughts on Lee Murray’s single, “Rust”, during the latest Ginger and Nuts show.

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    Review | Lee Murray Ginger and Nuts

When asked about her pick of the week, Diana shared her discovery of Lee Murray’s track, “Rust”, which was actually released back in 2017. She expressed surprise at finding out about the song only recently, describing it as a hidden gem from one-third of the UK’s popular pop band of the 90s, Let Loose.

Diana highlighted Lee Murray’s impressive talents as a musician, ranging from drumming, singing, and composing to teaching. She commended his dedication to teaching children with special needs and those with autism, a cause close to her heart as a mother of an autistic son. Notably, Lee even taught a 78-year-old great-grandmother how to play drums, showcasing his passion for spreading joy through music.

Discussing the musicality of “Rust”, Diana praised its fusion of synth-pop and rock elements, drawing comparisons to icons like Gary Numan and modern acts like The Killers. She felt that the song’s catchy chorus and edgy vibe could have easily made it a hit in the 80s new wave scene, expressing her surprise that it did not receive more recognition.

Overall, Diana encouraged listeners to explore Lee Murray’s music further, citing his website,, for more information on his services. Her review of “Rust” reflects a blend of admiration for Lee’s talents and a nod to the song’s potential to captivate fans across different genres.

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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