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Music Expert Praises Matt Peach’s Single “Dreaming”

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Music Expert Praises Matt Peach’s Single “Dreaming”

Matt Peach
Music expert, Diana Cavazos Woloszyk from Chicago, USA, shared her infectious enthusiasm for Matt Peach’s latest single, “Dreaming.”


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    REVIEW | MATT PEACH Ginger and Nuts

Diana couldn’t contain her excitement when asked about her latest musical discovery. “My pick of the week is ‘Dreaming’ by Matt Peach,” she exclaimed. “He is an incredible singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Derby.”

Diana reminisced about her first encounter with Matt’s music back in 2019, thanks to a recommendation from Adam Slack of the Struts. Describing Matt as a talented artist with a knack for modern rock and roll, she highlighted his impressive discography, including four albums and two EPs. Diana’s favourite work by Matt is his 2018 album “Blue Skies,” particularly praising the track “Now,” which supports the Love, Hope, and Strength Foundation in the fight against cancer.

Detailing Matt’s philanthropic efforts, including donating stem cells to a leukaemia patient, Diana underscored the musician’s compassionate nature. She encouraged fans to explore Matt’s music and support the Love, Hope, and Strength Foundation for a meaningful cause.

Transitioning to Matt’s latest single, “Dreaming,” Diana revealed the heartfelt inspiration behind the song. “Matt wrote this song inspired by his grandparents’ love, hoping to find a similar love in his future,” she shared. With infectious vocals, catchy choruses, and a blend of melodic pop-rock, “Dreaming” is a definite crowd-pleaser that begs for a full-volume sing-along.

In conclusion, Diana urged listeners to discover Matt Peach’s music on all digital platforms, labelling him as an “absolute gem and true talent” in the music scene. Matt Peach’s “Dreaming” promises to captivate audiences worldwide with his undeniable charisma and musical prowess.

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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