Danish Singer Morten Dybdal Inspires Hope for Ukraine in Latest Single

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Danish Singer Inspires Hope for Ukraine in Latest Single

Hope and Support for Ukraine in Latest Single

In an exclusive interview conducted by the dynamic duo Ginger and Nuts, the immensely talented singer-songwriter Morten Dybdal from Denmark shares his heartfelt journey of creating music and his latest single, “Ukraine – We Never Stop Believing.”


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    INTEVIEW | Morten Dybdal Ginger and Nuts

New Single | Ukraine - We Never Stop Believing

Harnessing Music to Inspire Change and Empower Ukraine's Women and Children

This powerful track aims to infuse hope and energy into Western society while honouring the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people and the hardships they have endured. What’s even more remarkable is that all proceeds from the song will be dedicated to supporting women and children in Ukraine, making Morten’s musical endeavours an inspiring force for social change.

When asked about his passion for singing and songwriting, Morten explains that he felt a deep need to pursue these artistic expressions from a young age. “I think I just felt like that was the thing I needed to do when I was a child,” he reflects. “I did it from when I was four or five or something like that, and then I just felt calm when playing music.” His talent blossomed over the years, self-taught and fuelled by an endless curiosity that has been a constant presence in his life.

Morten candidly admits, “I don’t remember life without it.”

Delving deeper into his creative process, Ginger and Nuts asked about the time it takes for Morten to write a song. Displaying his natural gift for spontaneous composition, he humorously replies, “We could write one right now.”

Morten reveals that the process largely depends on his emotions and the atmosphere surrounding him. “You always have a table, you can always like bang the table, and you always have your fingers to snap,” he explains. “Then you just need to feel your emotions without fear, and then I guess the sound comes out.” Starting with the music, melodies serve as a gateway for Morten to tap into his message, allowing the words to flow effortlessly.


Hope and Support for Ukraine in Latest Single

War-Torn Inspiration Transforms into Melodic Masterpiece for Ukrainian Aid

Morten went on to explain his inspiration behind the powerful track. He recounted a transformative experience where he found himself assisting friends during the outbreak of war.

“I think that song came from, like, I had this massive experience where I was helping out some friends when the war broke out,” Morten explained, his voice brimming with empathy. “I felt like there was this emotion of absolute darkness and some terrible conditions. We had to get people out the first couple of days in my job back then. I just wanted to do something to help back then.”

However, he initially hesitated to write the song, fearing that it might exploit the gravity of the situation. “I felt like this emotion, but then I wrote kind of the song, and then I didn’t want to, you know, it felt wrong. Maybe I was doing a song about something that was, you know, felt like I was making something up of something very important and dangerous,” Morten confessed.

Nonetheless, the turning point came when he used the music he had composed for his girlfriend’s grandmother’s 80th birthday. Witnessing the emotional impact it had on his loved ones, Morten knew he had found a way to convey the intensity of his feelings. “And I was like, okay, so this is working. So, I was like, maybe I should make a donation campaign or something where it seems like legit,” he shared.

With renewed determination, Morten resurrected the original lyrics he had hesitated to release, fostering a sense of legitimacy and purpose. “And then I took the original lyrics back in, and yeah, now we’re releasing it,” he proudly declared.

The significance of this single goes beyond the captivating music and poignant lyrics. All proceeds from its sales will be dedicated to providing aid to Ukrainian families affected by the ongoing conflict. Morten expressed deep concern for those confronting tremendous adversity in the war-torn villages, where many have been forced to leave their homes. “And it’s terrible because when you speak with people down there, the villages where all the guys have gone or many of them, and they still have to get by with this, right?” he lamented.

Recognising that the support he can provide is merely a drop in the ocean, Morten refuses to turn a blind eye to the suffering around us. He believes that by acknowledging and addressing ongoing hardships, society can make a difference. “But the cynicism of just turning, I don’t know if that’s a word though, but it feels wrong that people just turn around to the next one and we forget about the suffering that we have right now. So for me, that’s really important,” Morten passionately emphasised.


Hope and Support for Ukraine in Latest Single

Uniting Hearts Through Melody

He explained the profound impact of war extends far beyond physical displacement, highlighting the heart-wrenching reality of divided families. “I think it was mostly terrible for the people that have to be leaving home, dogs, parents, and be devised. People could not get out very quickly. So they had families where they were divided, right?” Morten stated with deep empathy. “And then the shame of not being able to make a big difference from people that you really love.”

Morten Dybdal’s dedication to generating awareness and support for Ukraine is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Through his music, he offers hope to those engulfed in darkness, showing that compassion and remembrance can transcend borders.

By choosing to listen to ‘Ukraine – We Never Stop Believing,’ music enthusiasts are not only embracing a beautiful melody but also standing in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and contributing to the well-being of women and children affected by the war. The single serves as a poignant reminder that we are responsible for supporting one another, even in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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