From Flat to Bimbo: Model Sapphire Saint Spills the Shocking Secrets

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Sapphire Saint's Bizarre Quest for Bimbo Perfection

Sapphire Saint Model
Sapphire Saint Model

In an exclusive interview with Ginger and Nuts, model and influencer Sapphire Saint revealed the shocking extent she has gone to achieve her desired “bimbo” appearance. 

With six boob jobs, two of which burst, and even the removal of four ribs, Sapphire is on a mission to transform herself into the epitome of the bimbo aesthetic.

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    Interview: Sapphire Saint Ginger and Nuts

From Flat to Fabulous

When asked about her initial breast size, Sapphire humorously recalled, “My little brothers used to tell me that I could wear a bra backwards better, I was totally flat.” She revealed her longing to emulate her mother’s generous bust, only to eventually discover that her mother had undergone breast augmentation herself.

Currently boasting an impressive 3000CC breast size, Sapphire candidly shared her experience with bursting implants, admitting, “Oh my god, they burst two times last year.” Despite the temporary inconvenience of walking around with a “uni-boob,” using saline implants proved somewhat reassuring. Sapphire humorously described her plastic surgeon’s advice, saying, “Oh, you’ll just pee like a pregnant woman, and that’s all he had to say…”

Delving into her motivations for pursuing the bimbo aesthetic, Sapphire confessed, “Deep down, I always wanted that look.” She attributed her idolisation of famous figures like Pamela Anderson to her fascination with the glamorous lifestyle. Growing up in a small town in Idaho, Sapphire stood out from her peers, which only fuelled her desire to transform herself into the epitome of Hollywood glamour.

Sapphire's Leap of Faith to Bodily Perfection Challenges Tijuana's Reputation

Sapphire Saint
Sapphire Saint (Instagram: @thesapphiresaint)

Venturing to Tijuana, a city notorious for its mixed reputation in the medical industry, Sapphire embarked on her radical rib removal procedure. Expressing her initial concerns, she admitted to taking a leap of faith, as few doctors were willing to perform such a daring operation. She stumbled upon negative feedback while researching her surgeon but soon realised that some stories were intentionally misleading.

Sapphire insisted that her decision was motivated by her previous experience of breast implants rupturing multiple times. Consequently, she firmly resolved to undergo plastic surgery abroad exclusively. To her surprise and relief, her post-operative care in Tijuana surpassed her expectations. She was placed in a recovery home and commended for the attentiveness and care she received during her stay.

Remarkably, the substantial cost reduction was attributed to the medical malpractice insurance in the country. Although her implant unfortunately popped during surgery, she lamented the lack of legal recourse in such situations. Unphased by setbacks, Sapphire appears determined to continue her quest for bodily perfection.

Bimbo Dream

Sapphire Saint
Sapphire Saint (Instagram: @thesapphiresaint)

When questioned about the rib removal, she disclosed her desire to remove six ribs, yet eventually convinced her surgeon to remove four. The decision resonated with her relentless pursuit of her ideal physique.

“Are you stopping where you are now?” we asked curious about the limits of her transformation. Sapphire’s response was an emphatic “No, no, no, no, no, no.” It was clear that her journey towards becoming the epitome of a ‘bimbo’ was far from over.

Her next big adventure takes her to Turkey, where she plans to undergo surgery to refine her features. “That’s my next big adventure,” Sapphire revealed. “I already have a nose job, but I’d like to get a little bit of a smaller, cuter nose and some veneers.”

However, the shocking revelation came when Sapphire expressed her desire to have another rib removed. “And honestly, I would like to get another rib removed. I really would,” she confessed with determination. If she goes ahead with this procedure, Sapphire will be one step closer to realising her dream of becoming a ‘bimbo’ with a ribless figure.

Sapphire Saint's Radical Pursuit of Perfection

Sapphire Saint (Instagram: @thesapphiresaint)

Critics argue that Sapphire’s obsession with plastic surgery and altering her body through hypnosis is a concerning example of society’s increasing focus on physical perfection. However, the model remains undeterred, believing that these drastic measures will ultimately lead to her version of beauty.

When questioned about her future plans and whether she would finally be satisfied with her transformation, Sapphire’s response was clear: “No, no, no. I’m not stopping here.” Her determination to push boundaries and redefine societal beauty standards knows no bounds.

As Sapphire Saint continues on her extraordinary journey towards becoming a ‘better bimbo,’ the world watches with both awe and concern. Only time will tell if her relentless pursuit of perfection will bring her the fulfilment she seeks or ultimately leave her yearning for even more extreme procedures.


Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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