Meet Eimear Draper, the Dating Coach Changing Lives!

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Meet Eimear Draper, the Dating Coach Changing Lives!

(Image: Albane McGuinness at Albane Brand Photography)

Dating Coach Eimear Draper, the founder of Kindling Dating, shares her personal journey from the early days of online dating to the present, where she now helps others navigate the world of dating apps.

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From Single to Betrayed

After years of being single and focused on her career in fashion e-commerce, Eimear decided to start dating again following a trip to Hong Kong, where she had a relationship that made her realise her longing for companionship, only to be left betrayed after discovering her partner’s ongoing use of a dating app and involvement with other people.

After returning to the UK, Eimear was determined to crack the code of online dating and treat it like a professional project, applying a structured approach with a folder and a commitment to go on three dates per week, all to pursue a life partner.

Eimear’s strategy focused on meeting as many people as possible to determine compatibility and attraction quickly. After work, she would meet men for drinks or coffee, reserving second dates for weekends if she felt a connection. After a year of dedication, this approach proved successful as Eimear decided to try Tinder, which ultimately led her to meet her now-husband, Sam.

As a dating coach, Eimear’s approach is centred on her clients, urging them to reconnect with their desires and personal worth. She emphasises that dating is not merely about finding someone who likes you but rather enabling potential life partners to discover you as you are, recognising the value you bring to a relationship.

Eimear firmly believes in the power of authenticity. She encourages individuals to embrace their true selves, showcasing confidence and recognising their inherent worthiness of love. In a world where deception can be found in online dating profiles, she acknowledges the prevalence of “porkies”, or lies people tell to create a better impression.

Eimear reminds us not to put too much weight on red flags alone when it comes to online dating, as people often exaggerate or hide certain details to fit the algorithms used by dating apps, potentially leading to missed connections.

Eimear’s empathetic stance extends to men, particularly regarding height requirements. She questions the necessity of specifying a minimum height, as it arbitrarily limits the potential for genuine connections.

When asked about her biggest source of excitement as a dating coach, Eimear responded with unwavering enthusiasm, saying, “Yes, absolutely – it makes me happy.”

She added that witnessing people experience those moments of self-revelation, where they realise their self-worth and manifest the belief that they deserve happiness, brings her immense joy. Furthermore, her coaching aims to strip away the negative noise associated with online dating and re-establish a connection with her clients’ amazing qualities, reminding them that they, too, can find someone just as amazing.

With her wealth of experience and positive outlook, Eimear Draper continues to make waves in the realm of dating coaching, empowering individuals to embrace their worth and embark on a journey towards finding love and happiness that is true to themselves.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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