Kimberly Winter Leaves Everyone A-BURP-tly Amazed with Her Record-Breaking Belch!

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Belching Her Way to the Top: Kimberly Winter Crowned World's Loudest Burping Queen!

Kimberly Winters - Burping Queen
Kimberly Winters - Burping Queen

Kimberly Winter, a loud and proud Virginia woman, has been crowned the burping queen of the world! With a reverberating burp louder than a blender, an electric handheld drill, and even motorcycles racing at full throttle, Kimberly shattered the previous record and belched her way to the top!

This brave burp-sonality performed her thunderous feat live on air at the recording studio of an iHeartRadio station in Maryland, USA, leaving everyone speechless. The decibels danced as Kimberly unleashed her earth-shattering burp, hitting an eardrum-bursting 107.3 dB, de-BURP-ing the old record of 107 dB set way back in 2009 by Elisa Cagnoni of Italy.

Aussie legend Neville Sharp holds the male record with a jaw-dropping 112.7 dB belch that shook the world just this year. Could the upcoming belch battle of the sexes be around the world?

Here’s What We Said On Our Show…

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    Burp Queen Kimberly Ginger and Nuts

Burp-fection! TikTok Star Kimberly 'Kimycola' Shatters Record with Sky-Scraping 107.3 dB Belch!

Now, let’s dive into the backstory behind this monumental belching triumph. It all started with a simple TikTok video. Kimberly, or as her TikTok fam likes to call her, ‘Kimycola’, shared a video showcasing her impressive burping skills. Encouraged by her fans, she embarked on a journey to conquer the record.

Months of training and meticulous stomach preparations followed. With each update on TikTok, her following grew faster than the sound waves of her burps. In a video, she exclaimed, “I’m not going for longest; I’m going for loudest!” And boy, did she deliver!

When Kimberly arrived at the studio to break the record, she was armed with a can of Coors Light (for belch-boosting) and had consumed a carefully curated selection of foods.

But not every belch is a winner. Kimberly’s first three attempts fell short, reaching decibel levels of 97.5, 107, and 103, respectively. But just when everyone thought the record was safe, BOOM! Like a sonic explosion, Kimberly unleashed the final, record-breaking belch at a sky-scraping 107.3 dB! Talk about leaving a lasting impression!

When asked about her feelings after the monumental belch, Kimberly exclaimed, “I was so excited, but then a millisecond went by, and my expression went from, ‘I can be so much louder than 107.3 decibels.’ That was nothing for me. So, I was very excited in the moment of breaking it, but I’m even more excited to break it again!” The belch-battler is hungry for more success!

Watch Kimberly BURP Our Name!

Belch Queen Kimberly Overcomes Bar Banishment to Embrace Burping Glory!

Ginger and Nuts dug deeper into Kimberly’s belch-filled past. She said, “I think I’ve been really doing it since I was a very little girl. I always just thought it was so funny, and I just kept doing it and doing it. And over time, I got better at it.”

Kimberly once got kicked out of a bar for belching too loudly! Can you believe it? She turned embarrassment into hilarity, proudly posing outside the door, capturing the moment for eternity. Her rallying cry? “On to the next bar. Who cares anyway?”

In the realm of burping triumphs, she declared, ” It makes me happy, you know? And I’m just happy to be online and be myself. I think that’s just an important life goal is to get out there and be yourself and don’t be afraid. You never know what’s going to happen. And also, you definitely make your own luck. I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t go to that Guinness website, look up that application and submit all my evidence. I wouldn’t be here today without doing that. But also, I’m just happy to do this for the women. We can do things just as well as men, too, you know?

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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