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Go Wild for Kelsy Karter & The Heroines

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Unleash Your Wild Side with Kelsy Karter & The Heroines

Kelsy Karter & The Heroines

Rock and roll enthusiasts, get ready to be blown away by Kelsy Karter & The Heroines. In their single, ‘Wild,’ this Australian/British rock & roll band delivers a thrilling and electrifying experience that will leave you begging for more.

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    Review – Kelsy Karter & The Heroines Ginger and Nuts

A Musical Journey into Beautifully Strange Storytelling

Led by the unapologetic and mesmerising talent of frontwoman Kelsy Karter, the band invites you into a beautifully strange and theatrical world of their own making. With gritty electric guitars and Kelsy’s captivating vocals, Kelsy Karter & The Heroines take storytelling to new heights, offering uncompromising perspectives on life, love, and self-liberation. It’s a musical journey that cuts deep, striking a chord with anyone who listens.

Born and raised in Australia, Kelsy Karter’s background in musical theatre shines through as she fearlessly commands the stage. Behind her, the band members Sebastian Boyse on drums, Matt Peach on guitar, and Tommy Gent on bass, who all grew up together in Derby, England, bring their unique energy, creating a sonic aesthetic that is both timeless and contemporary.

The band has made their mark on the global rock scene, captivating audiences as headliners, supporting acts, and festival performers. In 2023, they even had the honour of supporting Billy Idol across the US and Palaye Royale in the EU. Fans can look forward to their second album, a promising electric and emotional adventure that will ignite the music scene again.

Kelsy Karter

Kelsy Karter’s daring personality doesn’t stop at her powerful music. She gained international attention for a viral stunt in which she supposedly tattooed a picture of Harry Styles on her face to promote her 2019 single, “Harry.” This bold move drew comparisons to the legendary Ozzy Osbourne and solidified Kelsy as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Although Kelsy Karter’s genre is rooted in rock and roll and punk, her musical influences span a wide range. Kelsy draws inspiration from the legends who have paved the way from the iconic David Bowie and Amy Winehouse to the soulful sounds of James Brown and Sam Cooke and the magnetic stage presence of Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury.

Keep your eyes peeled and your eardrums ready. Kelsy Karter & The Heroines are here to shake the music scene to its core.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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