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Jim Peterik’s Last Dream Home: A Smash Hit Unveiled

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Jim Peterik's Last Dream Home: A Smash Hit Unveiled

Jim Peterik

Diana Cavazos Woloszyk excitedly reviewed Jim Peterik‘s latest song, Last Dream Home, on The Ginger and Nuts Show, praising the genius behind the Chicago staple’s music career.

Jim Peterik‘s illustrious career in music has spanned over five decades, leaving a lasting impact. His latest collaboration with World Stage, featuring Don Barnes, is highlighted as Diana’s pick of the week. World Stage brings together rock legends for a series of records, with notable artists like Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon. Their November release, “Dangerous Combination,” also showcases the full band backing Kevin Cronin.

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Jim’s career started with his first band, The Ides of March, where he showcased his talent as a singer and songwriter at 15. His breakthrough came in 1970 with the chart-topping classic hit, Vehicle, which climbed to number two on the Billboard charts.

Diana fondly remembers how the energetic music of Vehicle filled the halls during passing periods in high school. Throughout the 70s, Jim released his first solo album, leading him to tour with Heart in Boston. However, it was in 1978 when Jim’s band shifted personnel and transformed into the renowned Survivor.

In 1982, Survivor achieved monumental success with their hit song “Eye of the Tiger,” which sold millions of copies. This song became an anthem and had a lasting impact on the rock music scene. Another notable song by Survivor is “Burning Heart,” featured in another Rocky movie and received widespread airplay. Overall, Survivor’s music continues to be memorable and beloved by fans worldwide.

In the 80s, Survivor had great success with three top 10 singles: “I Can’t Hold Back,” “High on You,” and “The Search is Over.” As the 90s began, Jim reunited with his original band, The Ides of March, for a special concert in their hometown of Berwyn, Illinois. The concert drew an astonishing crowd of 20,000 people.

In 2000, Jim Peterik released his first solo album with the help of many talented artists he had worked with. His musical career has been remarkable, making him a respected figure in rock music.

During an interview, it was mentioned how Jim Peterik and Don Barnes have maintained a strong relationship since 1980. This partnership has continued into 2023, as they recently collaborated on another successful song called “Last Dream Home.”

The song resonates with individuals from all walks of life, whether rock stars or truck drivers constantly on the road, longing to be reunited with their families and loved ones. Last Dream Home is a poignant reminder of the desire to return to a place of comfort and familiarity.

Diana praised Jim Peterik as a true legend in the United States. His ability to create and produce iconic songs that have shaped our musical history is unparalleled. At 73 years old, he continues to embody the essence of melodic rock, evident in his captivating live performances and iconic purple hair.

Jim Peterik’s Last Dream Home, which Diana labelled the “pick of the week,” offers a perfect holiday anthem for those who know individuals constantly on the road. The song strikes a chord, particularly during Christmas time when the longing for home becomes even stronger.

Listeners can catch Last Dream Home on Spotify and download the single on all digital platforms. Jim Peterik’s website provides more information about his biography, upcoming tours, and any other gigs he may have.


To conclude the interview, Diana introduced Last Dream Home as her “single of the week,” performed by Jim Peterik and World Stage, featuring Don Barnes of 38 Special. She encouraged listeners to enjoy the song and watch the accompanying video on YouTube, which features her friend, Jim Riley (see below).

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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