Jaffa Moore, son of Sir Roger Moore, releases new album ‘Photograph’

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Jaffa Moore Releases New Album

This week, we spoke to Jaffa Moore, son of the legendary actor Roger Moore about his new album, ‘Photograph’ featuring the fantastic single, ‘You and I’.

He was one of the nicest people we have ever interviewed.

Listen to our full interview with Jaffa Moore

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    Jaffa Moore Interview Ginger and Nuts

'You and I' Single

Geoffrey recorded the single ‘You and I’ with the late singer and actor Naya Rivera.

The accompanying music video includes guest appearances from a host of stars, including Michael Caine, Joan Collins, Liam Neeson, JJ Abrams, Piers Morgan, Graham Norton, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry, Natalie Dormer, Naveen Andrews, Will Poulter, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Paris Hilton plus many more all in tribute to Roger Moore.

Jaffa Moore’s new album ‘Photograph’ featuring ‘You and I‘ is released today.

Jaffa Moore Photograph


Great Bond with dad

Jaffa clearly has a great bond with his dad.  

As a dad and as a mate, as a friend, in the years, we developed a, terrific friendship“, added Jaffa.

He said about his childhood: we’d have Morecambe and Wise round on Saturdays and obviously Michael Cane and Sean Connery. And, in the years to follow, Prince Charles, King Charles, Long live the king, came to the house

If I think about all the people that come through the house from Sinatra to David Bowie to goodness, I mean, Liza Minnelli, Ronald Reagan, I mean, it’s quite a roster of names of people“.

Roger Moore and Michael Caine
Michael Caine would pop around to see Roger Moore

Geoffrey started working in the entertainment industry in 1973, when he appeared as a child actor in the film Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a musical starring Kirk Douglas and Susan George.

This was followed by Sherlock Holmes In New York in 1976, working alongside his father and John Huston.

He has worked on 14 films and produced Roger Moore’s final movie, The Saint.

As a musician, he secured his first record deal with EMI, working with Mike Rutherford of Genesis and Warner Brothers.

Successful restaurant chain

In 1999, he founded the successful restaurant chain Hush of Mayfair. He appeared weekly on ITV’s morning television and with Gordon Ramsey on his Hell’s Kitchen show.

He said: “When I opened the restaurants, you know, that to me was like putting on a live show every day, where the waiters are the actors who know what the specials are, they know their dialogue, and the person wants to come back next week and see the same show.

It’s like being in a, putting on a production, a theatre production, and, you know, you gotta smile and charm people, and so you, you are putting on an act, so to speak“.

Hush of Mayfair
Geoffrey Moore founded Hush of Mayfair

In 2004 Geoffrey partnered with American filmmaker William J. MacDonald, and together they acquired the intellectual property rights to The Saint.

In 2010 he worked alongside his brother Christian at TV7, one of the largest networks based in Eastern Europe.

In 2017 he wrote and produced, And the Winner Isn’t, which was shortlisted for an Academy Award.

Photograph is released today (Friday, 27 January 2023).

So, we asked if he knew what the next song to be released is likely to be.

I’m not the best person to sell my own stuff, <laugh>. So I would trust someone else to say, look, you know what, I really like that song,” added Jaffa.

I think each song is good enough. They’re not fantastic; they’re good enough.

You tell me, guys, if you’ve listened to the album, then tell me what the next song is, and I’ll go with it“.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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