Gift Universe’s Nina Steyn Reveals the Hottest Christmas Gift Ideas

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Hottest Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas with Menkind, Prezzybox and Red5

Gift Universe’s Nina Steyn spills the beans on the hottest gift ideas from Menkind, Prezzybox, and Red5 that will bring joy and excitement to your loved ones.

In an exclusive interview with Gift Universe’s very own Nina Steyn, she spills the beans on the hottest gift ideas that will bring joy and excitement to your loved ones’ this Christmas. And guess what? This year, Nina is experiencing her first white Christmas!

Hailing from South Africa, where Christmas is usually spent basking in the beach’s warm sunshine, Nina eagerly anticipates a whole new chapter in her holiday festivities. “Up until now, every Christmas for me has been warm and sunny, probably spent on the beach with watermelon and all those summery things,” she cheerfully quips.

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    NINA PART 2 10 NOV Ginger and Nuts

Gift Universe: Embrace Quirkiness and Uniqueness with Menkind, Prezzybox, and Red5

Under the Gift Universe umbrella, you’ll find three amazing brands: Menkind, Prezzybox, and Red5.

Menkind, a popular gift and gadget retailer since 2001, is all about embracing your inner child and adding a touch of quirkiness to your life. Speaking of quirkiness, Nina humorously claims that their products are as weird as broccoli-flavoured ice cream!

From licensed products to personalised items, Menkind offers a wide range of original gifts for those who prefer to stand out and express their individuality. And if you’re looking for something unique, Red5 has recently joined the Gift Universe family.

Prezzybox remains one of the leading online retailers in the UK, providing a haven for gift seekers and offering a wide range of personalised items that make every celebration and special moment even more memorable.

Mini Massage Cushion

Unveiling the Ultimate Christmas Gift: The Mini Massage Cushion

Unlocking the mystery of the most surprising gift that customers love during Christmas, Nina reveals, “I’d say it’s the mini massage cushion. Usually retailing for 35 pounds, it’s currently on sale at a discounted price of only 30 pounds, and it’s flying off the shelves!”

Don’t let its size deceive you because this mini cushion is a powerhouse! With four pressure points that massage in rotating circles and an optional heat mode, it’s perfect for soothing those aching limbs and offering relaxation like never before. Backs, arms, legs – this mighty cushion has got you covered!

Nina unveiled the thrilling reality of the festive season at Gift Universe. “We’ve got an exciting couple of weeks before Christmas,” she explained. “Black Friday is just around the corner, and we’ve got some really exciting Black Friday specials.”

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Gift Universe stores will be running these incredible deals from Thursday, 23 November, all the way up until Cyber Monday on 27 November. As for their online promotions, they’ll be in full swing from Friday, 17 November, until Cyber Monday as well.

With a sparkle in his eye, Nuts playfully exclaimed, “I love gadgets, and I love all those kinds of things that you can’t get anywhere else.” And that’s when Nina, the gift guru, chimed in enthusiastically, ready to unveil the ultimate present.

Experience the Excitement of Red5 Electronic Laser Tag Game

RED5 Electronic Laser Tag Game Set

“Let me start with the RED5 Electronic Laser Tag Game Set available from Menkind at £39,” Nina revealed, her excitement contagious. “It’s an infrared two-player laser tag game that contains all you need for you and a friend to start taking safe potshots at each other.”

Imagine the thrill as laser shooters reload with a pump-action slide, unleashing powerful infrared beams for amazingly accurate and long-distance shooting. And that’s not all – when the battle gets intense, your strap-on body target lights up, vibrates, and even emits sounds to signal that you’ve been ‘hit.’

But here’s the best part: no more sneaky cheaters! As Nina divulged, “No more cheating because it automatically counts the hits, so to win, you just have to shoot your friend or try not to get shot.”

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Stay Warm and Sip in Style with the Ingenious USB Cup Warmer

USB Cup Warmer by InGenious

As they delved deeper into the world of unique and innovative presents, one particular item caught their attention – the USB Cup Warmer by Ingenious!

“It’s a crazy cure for a warm cup of coffee,” joked Nina. “I think we’ve all been there, a cup at the desk while working away, and you go to drink it to find that it’s as cold as a penguin on an ice cube diet.”

Priced at an affordable £12, this USB cup warmer from Ingenious is making waves in the gift-giving scene. Nina excitedly shared, “It plugs into any adapter and heats your drink to about 53 degrees Celsius. So, you can keep your freshly made drinks warm or gently heats cooler ones. It’s the perfect device for home or office to get your favourite drink at the right temperature.”

But that’s not all! This innovative cup warmer also boasts a built-in gravity switch. Nina added, “It automatically stops heating when you lift your mug, so you won’t be wasting energy when you’re done.”

Ginger couldn’t resist revealing, “Nuts is forever letting his drinks go cold. So, this would be perfect for him. No more excuses!”

With the USB cup warmer by Ingenious, you can bid farewell to the disappointment of lukewarm beverages.

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Introducing the Ultimate Bubble Tea Kit

TeaShed Bubble Tea Kit - Serves 3

After a short break, they were delighted to be talking about the TeaShet Bubble Tea Kit, priced at an affordable £15 from Prezzybox!

Nina exclaimed, “The bubble tea craze that swept the world really is showing no signs of slowing down.” And she couldn’t be more right! Bubble tea has taken the world by storm, and now, thanks to this fantastic kit, people can enjoy it from the comfort of their homes!

Nina added, “I think it’s great because usually, I’ve only really seen these at fairs, festivals, and music shows and stuff.” It seems that the charm of bubble tea has been restricted to these special occasions until now.

So, what does this fantastic bubble tea kit include? It serves three, and you get the Strawberry popping bubbles, paper straws, and everything to make bubble tea from your home. It’s truly a one-stop shop for bubble tea enthusiasts!

It’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made with real fruit juice.

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Introducing the Ultimate Star Wars Gift

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Desk Lamp - Only at Menkind!

From Bubble tea to Star Wars, Nina’s eyes sparkled as she shared, “So we’ve got a Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Desk Lamp, and it’s exclusive to Menkind.” Talk about a gift that’ll bring the force to any workspace!

Priced at £45, this officially licensed Star Wars merchandise promises to be a hit among die-hard fans. “It glows red when it’s switched on, all powered by the mains,” Nina exclaimed. Imagine the epicness of having a lightsabre illuminating your desk as you conquer the galaxy!

Standing approximately 60 centimetres tall, this desk lamp is a brilliant gift for Star Wars enthusiasts and a great addition to any gamer’s setup. “It’s also very popular amongst gamers,” Nina shared, confirming its status as the gift that will make heads turn this Christmas.

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Introducing the Hairy Bikers Sausage Roll Maker

Hairy Bikers Sausage Roll Maker - Only at Menkind!

Next up, the remarkable Hairy Bikers Sausage Roll Maker – Only at Menkind – stole the spotlight. Nina exclaimed, “It’s perfect for cooks of all abilities because it’s such an easy-to-use appliance to cook four sausage rolls at the same time.”

This handy gadget, priced £35, ensures safety and convenience with its compact design and cool-touch handle. Equipped with automatic temperature control and power indicator lights, it guarantees delicious results every time. But wait, there’s more!

This versatile machine can also whip up delectable fruit turnovers, satisfying sweet and savoury cravings.

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The Ultimate Must-Have for Marmite Fans!

Marmife Marmite Spreader in Yellow - Only at MenKind!

But let’s not stop there! Continuing with the food theme, Nina introduced us to the Marmife Marmite spreaders in Yellow, exclusively available at Menkind for just £12. She boldly claimed that the Marmife is “the greatest thing that’s ever happened to Marmite fans, apart from the invention of the yeasty goodness that’s Marmite itself.” No more struggling to scrape the last bit of Marmite from the jar – the Marmife is here to save the day! Its specifically designed shape reaches every nook and cranny of the Marmite jar, ensuring no leftovers.

And once you’ve gathered every bit, use the bottom edge of the spreader to slather your toast generously. Ginge wholeheartedly agreed, stating, “They do genuinely get every bit of Marmite out of the jar. It’s a life changer.”

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This is only the beginning. Nina promised to bring more quirky gift ideas from Prezzybox, Menkind, and Red5 next week.

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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