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Ginger and Nuts’ Music Expert Shares Thoughts on Styx Classic

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Ginger and Nuts’ Music Expert Shares Thoughts on Styx Classic

Diana Cavazos Woloszyk is taking a trip down memory lane this week, highlighting the iconic rock band Styx and their 1981 hit “Don’t Let It End.”


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    Review | Styx Kat Y (Ginge)

“I thought long and hard this past week about who to feature, as many of you know my taste in music is quite eclectic,” said Diana, a native Chicagoan. “But what better way to honour my roots than to spotlight a band that has inspired me since I was a young teenager – Styx.”

Formed in Chicago in 1972, Styx was successful throughout the 1970s and 80s with a string of hit albums and singles. Their 1977 power ballad “Lady” reached the Top 10 in multiple countries, while songs like “Come Sail Away,” “Renegade,” and “Babe” became staples of classic rock radio.

Diana recalls vividly the day her older brother Danny introduced her to Styx’s music, sparking a lifelong love. “I was ten years old when he bought me the 45 of ‘Babe,'” she reminisced. “I played that record so much, I made it my own.”

The band’s 1981 album Paradise Theater proved to be another watershed moment for Diana, with hits like “The Best of Times” and “Too Much Time on My Hands” becoming personal favourites.

Dennis Deyoung
Dennis Deyoung

Dennis DeYoung is one of the most brilliant songwriters of our time,” Diana said. “It’s the amazing lyrics that truly make a song a hit, and Styx had that in spades.”

Despite the band’s commercial decline in the mid-80s, Diana remains a steadfast Styx fan, championing their enduring influence and the timeless appeal of “Don’t Let It End.”

“This song has resonated with me since I first heard it as a teenager,” she said. “It’s a true classic that deserves to be celebrated.”

“When I listen to ‘Don’t Let It End’ now in 2024, the lyrics just seem to resonate so much more with everything Styx has been through,” says Diana. “Fans are practically pleading with the band, and especially Dennis DeYoung, to reunite one more time.”

DeYoung, the band’s original singer and songwriter, has not performed with Styx since 1999. While the current lineup featuring Tommy Shaw, J.Y. Young, and others has continued to tour, many supporters long for a reunion with DeYoung.

Styx’s early hits like “The Grand Illusion” and “Mr. Roboto” showcased DeYoung’s knack for insightful, socially-conscious songwriting. Diana believes he was ahead of his time in commenting on the growing influence of media and technology.

“Dennis was realising even back then how life was changing with technology. And those themes of authenticity versus fantasy still very much apply today with social media,” she notes.

While the current Styx lineup continues to perform the band’s classic catalogue, fans remain hopeful that DeYoung will once again take the stage with his former bandmates. 

As Diana puts it, “We all love you, Dennis, and we really would like you to go back on stage once again.”

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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