Fateful Driving Lessons Saved Man from Going Blind

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Fateful Driving Lessons Saved Man from Going Blind

Fateful Driving Lessons Saved Man from Going Blind

Barryjohn’s decision to take driving lessons turned out to be a pivotal moment that saved him from the threat of total blindness.

In a remarkable turn of events, Barryjohn’s decision to take driving lessons became a pivotal moment that ultimately saved him from the threat of total blindness. Reflecting on his journey, Barryjohn shared the harrowing details of his battle with a life-altering condition.

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“It all started when I couldn’t read the registration plate during my first driving lesson,” Barryjohn recounted. “My instructor suggested I visit Specsavers, who promptly flagged some issues with my eyesight.” Little did Barryjohn know that this seemingly innocuous trip to the optometrist would set into motion a series of events that would change his life forever.

Upon visiting the doctors, Barryjohn was given a diagnosis that rocked him to the core – type two diabetes. Years of indulging in unhealthy habits, such as consuming copious amounts of Pepsi Max, Amaretto, and chocolate, had taken a toll on his health. The doctor warned Barryjohn that if he continued down this path, blindness awaited him.

Barryjohn’s Journey from Scepticism to Treatment

Initially sceptical and invincible, Barryjohn shrugged off the doctor’s words of caution. However, as time went on, he found himself facing numerous appointments for laser treatments and needle injections to manage his worsening condition. “I thought I could ignore it and still see out of both eyes,” Barryjohn admitted, recounting how he missed some appointments, believing he would be fine.

Employed at Toby Carvery, Barryjohn’s vision began deteriorating rapidly towards the end of 2022. Faced with mounting concerns, Barryjohn decided to have his eyes checked. Dr. Davies of Chorley Hospital delivered the devastating news – any further delays would have resulted in complete blindness. This revelation served as a wake-up call, urging Barryjohn to prioritise his eye health.

In January of the following year, Barryjohn underwent his first surgery, marking the beginning of a gruelling journey. The process necessitated a five-month hiatus from work, as he continuously returned to the hospital for check-ups and subsequent surgeries. Being reliant on others for everyday tasks proved emotionally challenging for someone accustomed to independence.

Recalling the impact of his forced absence from work, Barryjohn said, “It was so hard having to rely on other people when you’ve done things for yourself all your life. I can’t explain how I felt about that.” Despite the hardships, Barryjohn persevered, determined to regain his sight and reclaim his independence.

Driving Lessons Illuminate Life-Saving Discovery

Throughout his ordeal, Barryjohn reflected on the role driving lessons played in unveiling his condition. “If I hadn’t taken those lessons, I may not have detected my failing eyesight until it was too late,” Barryjohn acknowledged, highlighting the serendipitous timing that intervened in his life.

Today, Barryjohn continues to undergo needle injections to manage his detached retina, a condition that causes blood leakage at the back of his eye. Although vision in his left eye is severely compromised, Barryjohn remains resilient, embracing acceptance while cherishing the vision he retains.

Barryjohn has discovered the power of music in lifting his spirits. Music is a constant source of joy and comfort whenever melancholy arises. Inspired by this revelation, Barryjohn envisions a concert on Morecambe’s stone jetty to raise awareness for Galloway’s and assist those grappling with similar conditions.

With his passionate dedication and his husband’s involvement in orchestras, Barryjohn aims to host this concert during the summer, ensuring a warmer atmosphere for attendees. Set for September, the event promises to be an incredible opportunity to rally the community, promote awareness, and extend much-needed support to those navigating the challenging journey of sight loss.

Barryjohn’s determination to make a difference in the lives of others serves as a beacon of hope. His story reminds us of the power of community, compassion, and resilience in overcoming life’s most unexpected hurdles.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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