Escalator Handrails 20 Times Dirtier than Toilet Seats

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Escalator Handrails 20 Times Dirtier than Toilet Seats, Study Reveals

Escalator Handrails 20 Times Dirtier than Toilet Seats, Study Reveals

In a shocking revelation, a recent study has found that escalator handrails are up to 20 times dirtier than toilet seats. This eye-opening discovery highlights the potential health hazards lurking in everyday objects.

But it’s not just escalator handrails that are breeding grounds for germs. Cashpoint machines, lift and pedestrian crossing buttons also harbour high contamination levels. A simple shopping trip could turn into a bacteria minefield.

The study conducted swab tests on various touch points and found that nearly two-fifths showed a reading of over 500 units on the ATP scale. This indicates a high level of contamination, raising concerns about the spread of illness-causing microbes.

Among all the touch points examined, escalator handrails and pedestrian crossing buttons emerged as the biggest hotspots for microbial contamination. These surfaces, constantly touched by numerous individuals, provide an ideal breeding ground for germs.

It’s a wake-up call to be more conscious of our hygiene habits. While we may be diligent in washing our hands after using the restroom, we often overlook the potential hazards lurking in other public spaces.

Experts advise regularly disinfecting your hands with hand sanitisers or washing them thoroughly with soap and water. Furthermore, using tissues or elbows rather than bare hands to press buttons can help minimise contact with germs.

Maintaining good personal hygiene and being mindful of the potential contamination in everyday objects can go a long way in protecting ourselves and others from harmful bacteria. 

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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