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Rock Legend Andy Taylor Defies Cancer With New Single “This Will Be Ours”

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Rocking Resilience: Andy Taylor's Triumph Over Cancer

Duran Duran Andy Taylor
Duran Duran Andy Taylor

Hold onto your leather jackets and get ready for a wild ride because former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor has just dropped his latest single, “This Will Be Ours.” Taylor, who has been battling cancer since 2018, has some hopeful news to share with his fans.

The guitar virtuoso, known for his iconic riffs that helped shape Duran Duran’s sound, opened up about his treatment journey for stage 4 prostate cancer in a recent interview with BBC Breakfast. Taylor, 62, revealed that he’s been taking Lutetitum-177, a ground-breaking “nuclear medicine” that targets his cancer cells.

This life-saving drug was introduced by scientist and biotechnology entrepreneur Chris Evans, founder of The Cancer Awareness Trust. Evans spoke highly of Lutetium-177 injections, stating it was the best option for Taylor’s condition. With this new hope, Taylor is not just surviving but thriving.

Here’s What Diana Said …

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    Review – Andy Taylor Ginger and Nuts

Rockin' Through Adversity: The Duran Duran Saga

Fans of the legendary British band are ecstatic to hear that Taylor is still rocking out and making music despite his health struggles. Diana Cavazos Woloszyk, a passionate Duran Duran fan and our resident music reviewer from Chicago, describes “This Will Be Ours” as a powerful anthem that captures Taylor’s indomitable spirit.

Reflecting on his time with Duran Duran, Taylor reminisced about the band’s rise to fame at the iconic Birmingham club “Rum Runner.” From signing with EMI Records in 1980 to releasing their debut album in 1981, Duran Duran swiftly became a global success story, charming audiences worldwide with their infectious pop-rock sound.

After six years as a member of Duran Duran, Taylor realised that the band was heading in a downward spiral. With little communication among band members and the group now scattered across different continents, Taylor was based in Los Angeles. There, he connected with ex-Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, and together they began working on Taylor’s forthcoming solo album.

During this period, Taylor recorded the hit single “Take It Easy,” which served as the theme song for the movie “American Anthem.” Collaborating with former Missing Persons members Terry Bozzio and Patrick O’Hearn, the track showcased Taylor’s musical prowess. Two other songs by Taylor and Jones also appeared on the album, including the soul-stirring “Wings of Love” and the mesmerising instrumental “Angel Eyes.”

Rockin' Thunder: Andy Taylor's Unstoppable Journey

Duran Duran Andy Taylor
Duran Duran Andy Taylor

Taylor further cemented his solo career with contributions to the “Miami Vice II” soundtrack, impressing audiences with the anthemic “When the Rain Comes Down.” Making a memorable appearance on the hit TV show with Power Station in 1985, Taylor proved that his talent and charisma were unstoppable. His solo album “Thunder” followed, showcasing his extensive range as an artist.

While Taylor’s solo material achieved moderate success in the US, it didn’t quite capture the attention of his native UK. However, his collaborations continued to make waves. He co-wrote and co-produced Rod Stewart’s multi-platinum album “Out of Order” alongside Chic members Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson, further solidifying his status as a true rock legend.

In his latest single, “This Will Be Ours,” Andy Taylor proves he’s here to stay and fight against all odds. His unwavering passion, combined with the power of music, inspires us all. So buckle up, music lovers, because Andy Taylor is living proof that the rock ‘n’ roll spirit cannot be silenced.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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