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Discover the Citrus Secrets: Angela Unveils Lemon-Cleaning Tips

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Angela Unveils Lemon-Based Cleaning Tips

Discover the Citrus Secrets: Angela Unveils Lemon Cleaning Tips

Angela’s weekly Ginger and Nuts Show appearance captivates listeners with her incredible top tips. From gardening hacks to ingenious household solutions, Angela never fails to impress. This time, she turns the spotlight on lemons, revealing their astounding potential to add a sparkling touch to your home.

Angela shares various ingenious ways to utilise lemons as an alternative to chemical cleaning products during her engaging feature. Her eco-friendly and economical insights make them ideal for those seeking natural household remedies.

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Stubborn Baked-On Food Spills Inside The Microwave

An interesting tip shared by Angela involves tackling stubborn baked-on food spills inside the microwave. By placing a bowl of water containing a freshly squeezed lemon and its juice in the microwave, listeners can effectively clean away those stubborn stains. Angela recommends microwaving the concoction for around 3 to 5 minutes until it boils, followed by a 5-minute rest period, allowing the steam to work its magic before wiping the interior clean.

Cleaning Ovens

Angela emphasises that the same approach can also be applied to regular ovens, with the precautionary measure of using an oven-proof dish for the water and lemons.

By leaving the mixture inside the oven for 30 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, listeners can ensure a spotless oven using this simple yet effective technique.

For any lingering stubborn stains, Angela advises creating a paste using lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. After cleaning, smearing this paste on the stains and leaving it overnight guarantees an impressive finish.

Angela Shares Her Top Tips Every Week
Angela Shares Her Top Tips Every Week

Tarnished Cooking Pans

Addressing tarnished cooking pans, Angela offers a quick fix: by rubbing the cut side of half a lemon sprinkled with coarse salt onto the pan, listeners can easily restore its former shine. A thorough rinse complements this process, leaving your pans glistening and ready to use.

Fresh Smelling Fridge

In need of a fresh-smelling fridge? Angela has an effortless solution! She suggests placing a cut lemon on a saucer inside the refrigerator for a couple of hours, allowing the citrusy aroma to eliminate unpleasant odours.

With this simple trick, refrigerators are transformed into fragrant spaces.

Stained Chopping Boards

Furthermore, Angela addresses stained or garlic-scented wooden chopping boards. By applying salt to the cut side of half a lemon and scrubbing the board vigorously, listeners can effortlessly remove stains and unwanted odours.

A thorough rinse ensures a clean and refreshed chopping board.

Natural Cleaning Products
Natural Cleaning Products

Pleasant Scented Home

To conclude her transformative lemon-inspired tips, Angela enlightens listeners on creating a pleasantly scented home.

By placing a large pan of water on the stove, accompanied by lemon quarters and sprigs of lavender or rosemary, households can enjoy a wafting aroma that lends a sweet and inviting ambience.

Angela recommends simmering the mixture for an hour after bringing it to a boil, allowing the lovely scent to permeate the home.

Angela bids farewell with her warm and friendly tone, leaving listeners armed with various ingenious lemon-based secrets to elevate their home cleaning routines.

These natural and cost-effective solutions will revolutionise household chores, making cleaning a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Remember, citrus may be all it takes to bring that sparkle to your home!

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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