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Rising Rock Sensation, DeCarlo, Drops ‘Meet Me in the Middle’

today13 October 2023 59 5

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Decarlo's Latest Single 'Meet Me in the Middle'


On today’s electrifying edition of The Ginger and Nuts Show, the airwaves were set ablaze as music reviewer Diana Cavazos Woloszyk unveiled her rapturous review of ‘Meet Me in the Middle’ by the powerhouse band, Decarlo.

Decarlo, whose roots trace back to the soulful landscapes of North Carolina, unleashed their latest single earlier this week, immediately captivating the music scene.

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    Decarlo Review Ginger and Nuts

Rock Maestro Tommy DeCarlo and Band to Deliver Performance in Florida a and Iowa

Steered by the iconic classic rock maestro Tommy DeCarlo, who once took centre stage with the legendary band Boston.

Joining forces with his extraordinarily talented son, Tommy DeCarlo Jr., on guitar and keyboard, this band presents an awe-inspiring line up, featuring the mesmerising rhythm guitarist and vocalist Payton Rose Velligan, the soulful Lee Guitar on vocals and keyboard, the rhythmic genius Edward Sturt on bass guitar, and the percussive force, Christian Sturt, on drums, percussion, and vocals.

Currently embarking on a tour as Tommy DeCarlo and the music of Boston, alongside his son and Payton, Clearwater, Florida, will have the immense privilege of witnessing their spellbinding performance on 18th November, alongside Agus Zadra and Jimmy Leahy of the esteemed Dennis DeYoung Band. Book your tickets here.

Additionally, DeCarlo will grace the stage of the Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort in Iowa on 25th November, promising an unforgettable experience. Book your tickets here.


DeCarlo's Electrifying Melodic Rock Takes the Music World by Storm

Their debut album, “Lightning Strikes Twice,” released in 2020, catapulted them into the limelight, earning them a place as 2020 Grammy contenders and widespread critical acclaim. Last December, the band unleashed their highly anticipated second album, a sonic masterpiece that resonated with fervent music lovers worldwide.

Diana excitedly chimed in, declaring, “You absolutely must listen to their album, ‘Dancing in the Moonlight.’ It’s an absolute gem for all lovers of melodic rock. Trust me, it’s the pinnacle of the genre,” advised Diana, her passion shining through.

The recently unveiled single, ‘Meet Me in the Middle,’ embodies exquisitely arranged melodic rock, showcasing DeCarlo’s unparalleled knack for crafting captivating melodies. Penned and produced by the maestro himself, the release of this single coincided with Payton’s momentous 23rd birthday, turning it into an extraordinary celebration for the prodigious vocalist.

Fans need not worry about the accessibility of this auditory masterpiece, as ‘Meet Me in the Middle’ is readily available on all major digital platforms, beckoning enthusiasts to surrender to its sonic allure. Show your unwavering support for DeCarlo by following them on Facebook and Instagram, and let the world know you’re part of something truly extraordinary.

For those seeking an electrifying journey through the heart of classic rock, DeCarlo’s music ignites a fire within, promising an experience that surpasses all expectations. Don’t you dare miss the ascent of this rising star – your soul deserves this musical adventure.

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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