Christmas Gift Ideas with Menkind, Prezzybox and Red5

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Christmas Gift Ideas with Menkind, Prezzybox and Red5

Christmas Gift Ideas with Menkind, Prezzybox and Red5

This week, Nina Steyn from Gift Universe teamed up with Ginger and Nuts to share some of the most sensational Christmas gift ideas from Menkind, Prezzybox, and Red5.

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Discover the Joy of Gifting with the Elephant Delight Indoor Fountain from Prezzybox this Christmas!

Elephant Delight Indoor Fountain - Exclusive to Prezzybox!

In collaboration with Ginger and Nuts, Gift Universe presents an exquisite selection of Christmas gift ideas from Menkind, Prezzybox, and Red5 that will enchant your loved ones this holiday season.

Let’s kick-start the festivities with an extraordinary gift found exclusively at Prezzybox – the Elephant Delight Indoor Fountain. This captivating masterpiece is a true gem, available both in stores and online for £35.

Imagine your loved one’s delight when they unwrap this unique present. Who can resist the charm of elephants? These gentle and majestic creatures hold a special place in our hearts.

The simplicity of the Elephant Delight Indoor Fountain adds to its allure. Just add distilled water, plug it in, and voila! Sit back, relax, and let the soothing sounds of water transport you to tranquillity. With the option to select different colours, you can create the perfect mood to complement your surroundings.

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Get Buzzed this Christmas with the Bees & Lavender Gin Glass from Prezzybox!

Bees & Lavender Gin Glass

Among the other gifts, the Bees & Lavender Gin Glass from Prezzybox takes centre stage. Priced at £13, this stunning hand-painted gin glass is available online and in Prezzybox stores.

Embrace the idea of enjoying gin in a truly unique and enchanting way. While most women (and men) are no strangers to the allure of gin, imagine the joy of sipping from a glass that showcases a captivating pattern of buzzing bees and flourishing lavender. Each stroke of the artist’s brush effortlessly captures the intricate details, resulting in a mesmerizing design guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Gin is not merely a beverage; it embodies a social experience. It is about forging connections, celebrating with friends, and cherishing quality time with family. The Bees & Lavender Gin Glass encapsulates the community spirit, encouraging individuals to come together and create lasting memories while embracing the soothing tranquillity that the lavender pattern evokes.

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Stay Warm and Cozy with the Adorable Warmies Platypus Plush

Warmies Platypus Plush

One particular gift that caught our attention was the adorable Warmies Platypus Plush, available exclusively at Prezzybox. Priced at just £20, this cuddly toy is more than meets the eye.

Designed to be both cute and functional, this plush toy is perfect for keeping loved ones warm during the chilly season.

Pop the fluffy character into a microwave for 90 seconds, and it becomes a soothing source of warmth for you or your little ones.

But the versatility doesn’t end there. On warm days or when relief from migraines is needed, the Warmies Platypus Plush can be popped into the freezer for a cooling effect. Its adaptability makes it ideal for individuals of all ages, providing comfort.

As a bonus, the Warmies Platypus Plush is infused with a calming scent of French lavender. The gentle aroma creates a serene atmosphere, enhancing relaxation and tranquillity.

With its wide appeal, this plush toy is a popular choice for both babies and young children. It is an excellent gift, especially for a baby’s first Christmas. The softness and comforting features of the Warmies Platypus Plush will surely create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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The Perfect Stocking Filler for Cycling Enthusiasts

RED5 LED Bike Wheel Dust Cap Lights

In a quest for the perfect stocking filler and Secret Santa gift, Nina has stumbled upon the Red 5 LED Bike Wheel Dust Cap Lights, available for just £9 at Menkind.

Nina joked, “These wheel dust cap lights make a dynamic duo better than, wait for it, Batman and Robin.”

So, like the caped crusaders, these are designed for your safety and style.

Unleashing a vibrant twist to traditional safety gear, these dust cap lights are shining examples of innovation. With seven modes, including stationary, flashing, and pulsating lights, they offer versatility to keep you visible in the dark. Installation is a breeze, as they securely fasten onto the air cap, casting a brilliant ring of light along the edges of your wheels as you pedal.

One of the standout features of these lights is their waterproof design, ensuring their durability even in adverse weather conditions. Whether you’re an avid cyclist yourself or you’re looking for the perfect gift for your spouse or a friend who enjoys biking, the Red 5 LED Bike Wheel Dust Cap Lights are a fantastic choice.

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Unleash Your Imagination with the Revolutionary RED5 Endless Drawing Pad

Charlie reviewing the RED5 Endless Drawing Pad Colour
Charlie reviewing the RED5 Endless Drawing Pad Colour

Nina’s final gift of the day was the RED5 Endless Drawing Pad Colour – the ultimate electronic slate that sparks creativity and brings joy to people of all ages.

Priced at £13, this innovative device, available at Menkind, is more than just a drawing tablet. It is a gateway to endless possibilities.

The RED5 Endless Drawing Pad Colour truly stands out with its mild colour and eye-friendly display, ensuring a safe and comfortable drawing experience. Bid farewell to harsh lights and radiation; this drawing pad has carefully crafted technology to protect your eyes while bringing your imagination to life.

With its versatility, this gift is suitable for toddlers, adults, and everyone in between. Whether for educational purposes, family fun, or business presentations, this electronic slate covers you. Its pressure-sensitive feature allows for precise and easy drawing, making it a breeze for even the little ones to unleash their creativity.

Not only is the RED5 Endless Drawing Pad Colour user-friendly, but it also offers seamless convenience. Gone are the days of wasteful paper usage, as this writing board is completely reusable. The screen can be cleared with just a single button, ready to capture your next masterpiece.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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