Morrisons Miracle: Charlotte Forman Rocks TikTok!

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Supermarket Star: Charlotte Forman Rocks TikTok

Charlotte Forman has been singing in her local Morrisons for the last year
Charlotte Forman has been singing in her local Morrisons for the last year

Dubbed the ‘next Susan Boyle’, 28-year-old Charlotte Forman from Essex has become an overnight sensation on TikTok due to her remarkable singing performances in her local Morrisons.

From her intriguing spot near the cleaning products and kindling, Charlotte has managed to captivate audiences with her amazing voice, leading to comparisons with two of the most iconic singing stars of the century – Adele and Susan Boyle.

Now, with a desire to make her way into the music industry, Charlotte has set her sights on one day standing among these music legends.

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Duet with Adele? Let’s Make it Happen!

The balladeer’s dreams seem more within reach now that Susan Boyle has recently made a reappearance and Adele has announced her Las Vegas residency extension – both opportunities which could provide her with the pathway to reach her lofty aspirations.

“I would love to have a career where I travel the world, sing in arenas and eventually stadiums,” Durham-based lass exclusively told Daily Star.

“Adele is one of my biggest influences with my songwriting so I am always so humbled to be compared to her as she is so talented and I hope to one day stand on a stage and sing with her for sure.

“I’ve been a fan of Adele since Hometown Glory, her first released track. “I always knew she would be an influence in my music.

“And I also have a very powerful voice so I think we would both write a great song together! “Two soulful powerhouses come together.

“But any artist that would love to collaborate with me would just be incredible as I appreciate so many different genres of music.”

Charlotte Forman has been singing in her local Morrisons for the last year
Charlotte Forman has been singing in her local Morrisons for the last year

The Next Susan Boyle Is Here!

Charlotte is often likened to Susan Boyle because of her seemingly modest presence, singular personality, and prodigious vocal range, a comparison she accepts with gratitude.

She doesn’t mind the thought of getting her own ‘Susan Boyle moment’ that could launch her career, though she desires to develop a signature sound that is wholly her own. “Susan Boyle had great success and was a quirky character,”

Charlotte expressed. “So I understand how I can be compared because looking at me in this day and age, where unfortunately in the music business sometimes looks matter you would think, ‘wow I didn’t expect that voice to come out of her’.

“I take it as a compliment as I love to wow and shock people.” Her shock-factor approach has earned her hundreds of thousands of views – with over three hundred thousand on a single video – and it’s at her local Morrisons branch that the bulk of her compliments come in.

“You never expect to go viral you always hope that you will because you want so many people to discover your music and what you’re about,” the singer said.

Singer Charlotte Forman
Singer Charlotte Forman

“But when you do go viral it’s a wonderful thing to connect with all different people around the world who are only just discovering your voice and immediately get drawn in and want to see more.

“I love responding to the comments and saying thank you to everyone who has shared so much love means a lot to me because no matter how successful I get I will always remember those who supported me.

“If I am going to have a Susan Boyle moment that will change my life then I’m ready for it!”

“I’ve been scouted many times for TV singing programmes and have auditioned a few times. “I have recently just auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.”

Check out Charlotte’s website. Charlotte Forman is also on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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