Breathing Luxury: UK Entrepreneur Rakes In £950 Selling Bottles of Fresh Air!

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UK Entrepreneur Rakes in £950 Selling Bottles of Fresh Air!

Man sells bottles of UK fresh air

While OnlyFans models have been making a fortune by tooting their talents and farting in jars, one clever Brit has taken a different direction that’s as fresh as a breath of, well, fresh air!

Say hello to Leo De Watts, the mastermind behind Aethaer, an air-farming company from Dorset. This bloke has found a market in the Far East that’s willing to pay a whopping £950 just for a “single breath” of good ol’ UK air.

While others were busy bottling their farts (which, admittedly, might have gotten a little too explosive for one model), Leo decided to focus on something more… shall we say, airy? He started this venture back in 2016, cleverly capturing air from five areas of outstanding natural beauty across the UK and selling it online to those poor folks living in places like Hong Kong, where air quality leaves a lot to be desired.

You might be thinking, “Can’t they just use filtered or compressed air instead?” Well, not according to our witty entrepreneur. He reckons those alternatives only add to the pollution problem, leaving people longing for the pure goodness that only natural air provides. And I must say, he’s got a point!

Leo’s not just selling air; he’s selling a quirky concept too. He wants to remind people that our world is sometimes pretty terrible, and the demand for clean, fresh air is real!

So, how much does a bottle of this heavenly elixir cost? Well, it’s priced at around £950 a pop! But don’t worry, Leo isn’t trying to rip you off; he’s using that number to highlight the staggering fact that a whopping 95% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to clean air. It’s like he’s giving you a breath of fresh air while also giving you something to think about.

Inhale the goodness, and let Leo De Watts show you that even in this crazy world, a breath of fresh air can still blow us away!

Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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