Birgit Itse: A Writer’s Journey to Scotland

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Birgit Itse: A Writer's Journey to Scotland

Birgit Itse: A Writer's Journey to Scotland
Birgit Itse: A Writer's Journey to Scotland

This week, Ginger and Nuts had the pleasure of interviewing Birgit Itse, a multi-talented writer and speaker who has dabbled in various roles throughout her career. She has done everything from journalism, marketing, museum work, teaching, and management.

Before the interview, she shared an interesting titbit about her hair colour – ginger. While her natural hair colour is dark blonde with a light brownish tinge, she has been captivated by the allure of ginger hair for nearly two decades. And she has never looked back.

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    Interview | Birgit Itse Ginger and Nuts

From Near-Death Experiences to Self-Discovery

It was during her time in Scotland, having moved there almost four years ago, that she was asked by the local honorary consul of Estonia in Aberdeen how she managed to maintain such a beautiful head of ginger hair. In her response, she jokingly said, “just buy it for seven pounds in Tesco or 90 pounds in a hairdresser.”

As our conversation continued, Birgit opened up about her journey of self-discovery. She described herself as a quick learner in many aspects of life. Still, she admitted to being a slow learner when understanding herself and pursuing a meaningful and fulfilling existence. It took four near-death experiences to shake her up and make her realise the worth of her own life.

But it was a thought-provoking question from her best friend that truly awakened her. Four years ago, her friend asked her when she would start living her own life and pursuing her dreams. This candid conversation was the catalyst that propelled her into action. Eight weeks later, she had sold all her belongings, left her boyfriend and arrived in Aberdeen with only two suitcases and two backpacks. She had a single, unwavering dream – to become a full-time writer in a country renowned for storytelling: Scotland.

And as fate would have it, her timing couldn’t have been more perfect as 2020 unfolded with all its uncertainties and challenges. However, she remained undeterred, resolute in her pursuit of her passion. She chose Scotland because it epitomises a land steeped in legendary tales, making it an ideal destination for aspiring writers.

Birgit Itse
Birgit Itse

The Unexpected Modelling Journey of a Fearless 41-year-old

Another one of her adventures that caught our attention was her foray into the world of modelling at the age of 41.

When asked about her unexpected modelling career, she revealed that it all began when she stumbled upon a creative collaboration opportunity in Aberdeen. Intrigued by the idea, she tried modelling in her spare time, not expecting much from the experience. Little did she know that this decision would lead her on an exciting path of fashion and self-expression.

Birgit recounted how a London-based designer exploring her heritage in Aberdeen approached her to be a part of a photoshoot. With an intriguing outfit and stunning accessories in hand, a talented photographer captured her adventurous spirit, resulting in captivating images that showcased her natural beauty and unique style.

Laughing, Nuts joked, “At least it wasn’t nude modelling! You could have ended up in the streets baring it all!” She reassured us that her modelling gigs have always involved fashionable couture outfits and intriguing themes, such as shooting in ice cream parlours or piano shops. Admitting she had a lot of fun, she mentioned her most recent endeavour, featuring a white t-shirt, a white apron, and a large kitchen knife surrounded by fake blood. Adventurous indeed!

Birgit Itse Modelling in an Ice Cream Parlour
Birgit Itse Modelling in an Ice Cream Parlour

From Shearing Sheep to Storytelling Dreams

Besides modelling, Birgit surprised us with another unexpected skill she developed during her life. She confessed that she once sheared a sheep. Reflecting on the experience, she shared how it taught her lessons in accepting help and revealed the transformative power of enduring pain over a prolonged period. This journey fostered empathy, patience, and kindness towards others and herself.

Birgit Itse’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of following one’s dreams. With her ginger hair and a heart brimming with passion, she has embarked on a thrilling adventure in pursuit of her true calling – to be a storyteller in the enchanting land of Scotland.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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