BBC Earth Experience Review: Breathtaking Journey to the Ends of the Earth

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BBC Earth Experience Review

The BBC Earth Experience offers an immersive adventure

The BBC Earth Experience offers an immersive adventure that stimulates all senses, allowing you to discover the marvels of Asia, South America, Antarctica, and more on vast screens accompanied by the narration of the great Sir David Attenborough.

We had the fantastic opportunity to explore the new BBC Earth Experience exhibit in London. This immersive display showcases incredible footage from “Seven Worlds, One Planet,” a BBC documentary series filmed in 41 countries across 1,794 days.

Embark on an exciting adventure from the Daikin Centre in London, accompanied by the renowned Sir David Attenborough as your narrator. Immerse yourself in a thrilling self-guided 360-degree sensory experience where you can explore the wonders of Asia, South America, Antarctica, and beyond on immense screens.

Picture yourself getting lost in a magical forest illuminated by fireflies, stumbling upon a vibrant and lively carpet of starfish, and unexpectedly being a spectator to an intense battle between two massive elephant seals, all within minutes!

The BBC Earth Experience offers an immersive adventure

Journey into the depths of nature

If you’re curious about the level of immersion that a room filled with screens can offer, rest assured that the cutting-edge technology of these high-definition, multi-angle screens are truly impressive.

Accompanied by David Attenborough’s soothing voice, natural sound effects, and perfectly synced lighting, your ecosystem becomes all-encompassing, whether it’s a rainforest or the ocean.

Observing the same creature from different angles is genuinely thrilling, as every turn of your head reveals something new. The screens display the same orangutan family at various times, with multiple members engaging in different activities from different perspectives in unison.

With several viewing platforms and precise sound design that shines especially in stormy weather, this experience is truly awe-inspiring.

Explore the BBC Earth Experience, and you’ll discover the main area and two smaller rooms that complement it.

Make a splash with the immersive underwater-themed space

Make a splash with the immersive underwater-themed space

One of these is a beautiful underwater-themed space immersing you in a world of playful displays to let your imagination float away. In this exciting environment, children can use their imaginations to conjure up fantastical adventures, moving their arms and hands to direct the flow of swimming fish.

The other room is split into two sections. The first section presents an excellent exhibit displaying the vibrant aesthetic of insects like butterflies and ladybirds. Adjacent to it is a darkened chamber where the insects appear more sinister. You can push the red button if you’re daring enough!

Upon leaving the main exhibit, there are beautiful pictures of David Attenborough and his crew before you experience a breathtaking sight of our planet Earth. In conclusion, David Attenborough imparts words of wisdom regarding the planet’s sustainability, leaving a profound and impactful imprint on your mind.

The BBC Earth Experience is an exciting collaboration between BBC Studios, Live Nation, and Moon Eye Productions.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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