A man fed up with the UK pothole problem has filled them with Pot Noodles.

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Man fed up with potholes fills them with Pot Noodles to get council’s attention

Man so annoyed with potholes he's filling them with Pot Noodles to get them fixed

One man is embarking on a mission to fix the ‘UK roads crisis’ by using Pot Noodles to fill potholes! He wants the government to really start paying attention after ten long years of championing the cause.

Frustrated by the almost constant presence of potholes on UK roads, Mark Morell, more famously known as Mr Pothole pulled an out-of-the-box move to get folks to take notice of the issue.

Initially, he had planned to place rubber ducks and even cake into potholes – a plan which soon fizzled out – until he eventually decided to fill them with Pot Noodles instead to draw attention to the terrible state of the nation’s roads.

Drivers have been affected in numerous ways by potholes, often swerving to avoid them at the last minute, later feeling the repercussions in their muscles and bones.

With his hometown of Brackley his first focus, He told the Metro: “Since nothing fills a hole like a Pot Noodle, who better to team up with to highlight the ridiculous state of the UK’s roads?”

Surveys suggest it would take around £14bn to tackle repairs on UK roads, but in the recent budget announcement, just £200m was committed to tackling them.

“Potholes drive road users potty and me more than most,” said Mark.

“The pothole crisis across the UK is an increasingly serious issue and something I have been campaigning on for more than ten years.”

He adds that in the time he has been campaigning, he has gone through many different ideas on how to get his message across, with this being the most recent example.

A recent survey by RAC states that 60% of drivers think the roads are worse than a year ago, and surface quality was the main issue.

It seems that Mark has quite the job on his hands.

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Written by: Kat Y (Ginge)

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